#TeamTrainwreck 22: Every dark cloud has a pewter lining!

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I honestly thought Sokolovskaya would fool as all as she posted the folklore picture one day ago.
But here he is and I kinda like it (shocker :p), especially last minute, the first one is skating through it.
Waiting for the final boot pants though :D
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Colonel Green

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I'm all about the Canadian junior team Lim/Quan for their (well, mainly her) enthusiastic cat-ography in their Cats program. That's the kind of commitment to silliness that I want in ice dance.


#allaboutthevoids #teamtrainwreck
Alright guys I’m back now that things are somewhat returning to normal and skating is happening again.

Kolyada is back!!! That country western cover of let’s get loud is all sorts of WTF but I’m here for it! The jumps look so good!

I fully expect more of the same once competitions start but still, very excited he is back!

I also enjoyed LaTuk’s program and think it’s more of a program than usual for her (granted she didn’t land the hard jumps here so that could all change down the line). Still :glamor:

Too bad for Zhenya, the jumps and spins and speed and power are not really there right now. Her outfit was fierce but that’s about it I’m afraid :shuffle:


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Watching the second half of Petr Gumennik's skate (overall very pretty and lots of potential!) is where you start thinking to yourself, "Sergey Voronov would have rocked this!" :lol: Petr isn't quite seasoned enough to bring the voidy drama just yet but it was a nice attempt


🇷🇺 Test Skates and finally I am back in the mood for skating :encore:

Khuda is in and she will slay! Watch it!

Loved Savosin program and costume (without the glitter ITA flag :rofl:) Glad he is back.
Mozalev! So smooth! Love him.
Kolyada I'll leave for @rfisher
Ignatov so damn handsome!

RUS pairs are insane. I really love all! Some more.
Stunning programs for B/K, and M/G - not sure for them though tbh :shuffle:
Galiamov is a beast 💪

All this fuss for that? Meh.
Really like Tuk's program; wished she would have a less-distracting costume (which of course I love)
How exactly did Sofia#2 made it here? Where is Sinitsyna & Co?
Trus wins the girls battle for me.

Tat's face. Priceless.
Ilinykh/Mikhailov/Rozanov. Best minion-trio ever :smokin:
P/K opening is bound for MESS sooner or later this season :scream:

Did something change with death spiral levels? So many good entrances here. Loved it.
Same for some solo spins: Samarin, Mozalev, Anna S,... really nice work here.
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Members Update

:gallopin1 -Patron-Saint:
Pogorilaya, Anna

Glenn, Amber
Honda, Marin
Konstantinova, Stanislava
Leonova, Alena
Lim, Eunsoo
Nugumanova, Elizaveta
Peltonen, Emmi
Schott, Nicole
Tuktamysheva, Elizaveta

Aymoz, Kévin
Březina, Michal
Ignatov, Makar New
Litvintsev, Vladimir
Nadeau, Nicolas
Pulkinen, Camden
Sadovsky, Roman
Samohin, Daniel
Yan, Han

Ice Dance:
Khudaiberdieva, Elizaveta / Bazin, Egor New
Shpilevaya, Anastasia / Smirnov, Grigory

Amy L

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You have to be on the national team to get invited to perform at the test skates.


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I know everyone is going crazy over RUS test skates this weekend but since I dont really like watching unfinished products Im taking the chance to finally watch RUS nationals from last season :D WTH happened to Mishina & Galiamov? ohh and Danielian is just too cute.

Colonel Green

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If we're discussing adding people to the team, whenever Japan holds its first senior events, Tomoe Kawabata deserves a berth. Because she can occasionally do this:

But mostly does this:

She's the Japanese national bronze medalist but has also finished fifth at every Junior Grand Prix she has ever attended, and has managed to lose to Alison Schumacher at two straight Junior Worlds. And she's that most precious of #TTW things, a peak-at-nationals skater, getting your hopes up at just the right time to have a second half of the season and bomb there.


Let the skating begin
yet is the test skate what gets him IN... whats next a bad practice and then admission?? Sad bleeeh.
But he bled for his craft :drama: To Je Suis Malade no less.

He actually has the ability to make the Russian Euro/World/Olympic team. Which is going to get really crowded with Gummenk, Danielian, Moselev and Makar all trying to get that 3rd Euro spot. No idea what the numbers will be for worlds. Is it based on 2019 Worlds? That's assuming Aliev is on form since right now, it's all Kolyada.


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Well if the test skates and IAM event have done one thing, they may have put paid to all these rumors about skaters skating in secret, seems pretty clear they were all off ice for awhile.
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