Skating through a century: Washington state woman turns 100


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For her 100th birthday, friends and “adopted family” surprised her with 100 cupcakes with one candle in each to share with others at the Lincoln Hill Apartments. Because she’s a big sports fan, she also got a sports channel added to her cable account.
Green started on ice skates at age 4.
“They were double runners, so they looked like sleds,” she said.
Throughout her life, she skated with dancing on skates being her specialty. She took lessons from professionals and took tests to be sure her moves were right. But her partners didn’t want to compete, so she skated for the fun of it into her 80s.
“I thought I’d better quit before I broke something,” she said.
“She had a lot of friends at the skating rink,” Fluaitt said.
When she married, her husband skated, too, but nothing fancy.
“He was lazy. He just wanted to skate,” Green said.
Green was born Helen Anastasia Lanzendorfer on July 24, 1920, in Cleveland, Ohio, surviving serious bouts with diphtheria and whooping cough as a child.

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