Skater/Coach sightings & Montreal activities, meet-ups, etc.


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Saw Terry Gannon as he was arriving to the pairs event. We both skipped the early groups lol.

Saw KMT and Andrew Poje with a group on the concourse multiple times and Elladj taking a photo with a young fan. And of course, Kaitlyn Hawayek DJ'ing!


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WARNING: If you pre-printed paper tickets before this morning your ticket may not scan for entry!
Apparently, there is some sort of ticketmaster issue, and if you printed paper tickets for today-Sunday prior to this morning, the barcode will not scan. You have to line up at the box office to get your tickets reprinted.
I had to get mine all reprinted. Made it to my seat just as the first warmup group took to the ice.


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We just saw Emily Bratti/Ian Somerville on St. Catherine’s Street shopping. :lol:

My DH recognized them as “skaters” due to their size and wearing team USA jackets.

I had no idea who they were though but I’m sure they knew we knew they were skaters but I kept saying “I have no idea who” so wasn’t about to ask. :lol:

I had to google. To be fair, Emily is blind now and it was throwing me off. Haha.


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Rode the elevator up to my hotel room with Tara and Johnny. I never, ever ask for selfies, but I figured what the hell, I’m trapped in here with them anyway. Johnny was so nice and joking. He made me promise to heavily filter the photo :lol: Tara obliged, but was indifferent. :p


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I was in a concession line, or rather trying to find the end of the line to line up, as it was unclear who was in line and who was trying to walk by. I asked the guy in front of me if he was in line- he turned around and laughed and said no. It was Alexei Urmanov.

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