Short Dance - Junior World Championships 2018


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Haven't the Grand Prix fields already been expanded to what they were - they went back 12 singles, 10 dance, and 8 pairs.
They've been expanded to 10 in dance. Which is great! The problem, however, is that the FD base value has been increased at the senior level by adding two extra elements and decreased at the junior level by swapping a high point value element for a low point value choreographic one. Hopefully the latter will be changed next season; however, at the moment it is basically impossible for the junior dancers to overcome and earn a guaranteed berth on the GP via a season's best score. Skoptcova & Aleshin had perfect levels at a JGP this season and are not top 24. There is no way for a junior dance team to earn a guaranteed SB berth. The junior dancers cannot add a quad. They cannot earn more than level four.

And if the top junior dance teams cannot earn a guaranteed berth, they cannot be sure of getting an invitation on the GP no matter how many spots are available. Every GP host country has something at stake by inviting a top junior dance team to their GP event. So much easier to skip the top junior teams and invite a lower-ranked junior dance team from another country--one that hasn't been earning perfect levels this season & isn't likely to muck up one of your own host country dance teams' opportunity to earn GP points.

At the moment, the only way a junior dance team can earn a guaranteed GP spot is via world standings. And that maybe means putting in three years at the highest level on the JGP. Should a Junior World gold medal dance team really have to do that?

Of course not.

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