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I decided to create this thread as a place for users to share their favorite written pieces on figure skating (I'm also having a bit of a writer's block so it will be nice to explore more to get inspired). This includes all types of short pieces such as essays, interviews, podcast episodes, blog posts on a specific theme, and even scientific articles.

If you know any interviews or articles about figure skating which you consider deeply insightful, thought-provoking or simply like them because they provide an extensive perspective on the sport, please feel free to leave them here. I will start off with a few of my favorites (the selection is random and highly subjective):

Remote Control: Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan and the spectacles of female power and pain -
Published in 2014, on the 20th year anniversary of the attack against Nancy Kerrigan, this essay revisits the infamous scandal and the career of Tonya Harding. The essay also explores topics such as gender roles in figure skating, and media bias and vilification. Thorough, beautifully written and thought-provoking, Remote Control sheds some light on the pitfalls of skating reality by presenting a complex portrait of Tonya.

Allison Manley used to host the Manleywoman Skatecast (, an impressive collection of interviews with multiple skating legends of the near and distant past. She spoke to skaters, coaches, journalists... Kurt Browning, Frank Caroll, John Nicks, Barbara Ann Scott, Yuka Sato, Phil Hersh are only a small fraction of the notable personalities whom she interviewed. Allison's podcast was a remarkable achievement and provided a truly fascinating look at skating history and the sport, in general, told from the people who made it. I dearly miss her interviews.

Sasha Cohen: The price achievement and redefining success - - if you ever wondered what are some of the challenges exceptional people like elite athletes face during and beyond their competitive career, this wonderful podcast can answer your questions. The way Sasha Cohen talks about her career is so thoughtful, evocative and touching that you cannot help but relate and learn from her, regardless of what professional field you are in.

It would be fantastic if we can expand this collection.

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