Sergei Grinkov article (25th anniversary of his death)


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Lynn Rutherford interviewed Scott Hamilton, Paul Wylie, Marina Zoueva, Elena Bechke, and Byron Allen of SOI for this lovely tribute.

“These days, some people can do tricks but they can’t skate,” Bechke said. “That is something that can be taught to an extent, but if you can’t naturally skate, it takes a lot of work to develop. If you watch (Gordeeva and Grinkov) skate on YouTube, they weren’t even skating. They were flying; they were like feathers. That’s what made them special.”

Marina Zoueva, the pair’s longtime coach and choreographer, echoes Hamilton and Bechke’s words.

“They were very light, like (three-time world champion) Patrick Chan,” she said. “That is the difference. (Chan) skates like a feather, flowing on the ice. It’s the same talent Katia and Sergei had. They had natural rhythm; that’s why their pair elements were perfect. They had natural harmony… I saw this, and I emphasized this in the choreography I did for them: the lightness, the connection, how they looked at each other, the bodylines.”
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