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Getty Images (214 photos by Harry How for the ISU on Oct. 27, 2023)

Day 1 recap by Nick McCarvel:

Day 1 recap by Nick Wells for the The Canadian Press:

Beverley Smith's Gilles/Poirier article (Oct. 27):

ISU's recaps:
Women's SP:
Pairs SP:
Men SP:

Golden Skate has mixed zone quotes & photos:

Kao Miura:
A very disappointed Kao Miura 三浦 佳生 🇯🇵 80.80 speaks to the press: “Since I came here I have some concerns about the ice and the quality of the ice. It is hard to get a good take off on my Salchow. The ice kind of bounces back to me. My trainings and condition have been good, but this situation makes me a bit anxious and I don’t know what to really do about it. I have to find a way to still do a good job. It was similar at last year’s Skate Canada, also the rink is a bit narrow for my liking. I fear I can’t find a solution in one day!”
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ISU's recaps:
Women's FS:
Free Dance:
Pairs' FS:
Men's FS:

Getty Images (445 photos by Harry How for the ISU on Oct. 27-28, 2023)

Photos by Robin Ritoss for FSO & IDC:

Beverley Smith's blog articles:

More recaps by Nick McCarvel:
Men & Pairs FS:
Women FS & Free Dance:
Men & Pairs SP

Day 2 recap by Nick Wells for the The Canadian Press:

Kyodo News:

Canadian Olympic Committee's recap by Chloe Morrison:

Skate Canada's recap:

USFS' Fan Zone recap:


Golden Skate's 4 recaps by discipline plus an interview with Junhwan Cha:
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A few more 2023 Skate Canada International podcast episodes that have not yet been posted and/or discussed in their own podcast-specific threads (The Runthrough with Adam & Ashley, This Week in Skating, TSL, etc.)...

Skate Canada recap by Tatjana Flade & Judith Dombrowski for ISIO (Oct. 31; 24 mins.):

I recently came across 2 figure skating podcasts that were new to me (haven't had a chance to listen yet):
The Cutting Edge by Kimberly Joy (4 episodes by discipline for SCI):
Scoreography (thanks to Deanna who shared the link via her IG story):

Polina Edmunds' Iron Butterfly:

CBC Sports' "That Figure Skating Show" recaps remain geoblocked for me: figure skating show

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