RIP Norman Lloyd


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RIP Norman Lloyd who has just passed away. What an innings - 106!

Lloyd’s best known role was in Hitchcock's 1942 film, Saboteur, in which he played the saboteur/spy, Frank Fry, who burns down an aircraft factory (and thwarts attempts to put it out by filling the fire extinguishers with gasoline). The film famously ends with Fry falling to his death from the statue of liberty. The statue of liberty scene is one of the scenes that helped to define Hitchcock as the 'master of suspense'

After Saboteur, Lloyd went onto to appear in further films, including Hitchcock's Spellbound. Sadly, however, he became one of many in Hollywood whose career were damaged by the Blacklist. Hitchcock, nevertheless, helped resurrect his career by hiring him as an associate producer and director on his TV Series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, in 1958. Lloyd then went on to direct/produce in TV throughout the 1960's and 1970's.

Between 1982 - 88, Lloyd played Dr. Auschlander in 6 series of St. Elsewhere. Then, in 1989, he played the role of the headmaster, Mr Nolan, in Dead Poets Society, opposite Robin Williams.

Between 1998-2001, Lloyd played Dr. Isaac Mentnor in Seven Days

Until his passing, Norman was the oldest living actor in the world by some distance!
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The changes he witnessed throughout the 20th century and his own contributions as well: RIP.

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