Recommendations for masks while skating?


I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for masks that you're wearing during skating sessions. I'm having a hard time finding a mask that is sort of breathable while still being some kind of a barrier.

I've worn cloth masks that I can wear all day at work with no problem, but as soon as I start breathing heavily on the ice, the cloth gets soggy and it's like having a wet washcloth over my nose and mouth. I've tried disposable masks and they get less wet less quickly, but toward the end of the session it's still pretty uncomfortable.


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I found some WesGen KN95s on Amazon that are surprisingly comfortable for sports and don’t require a lot of fiddling. Haven’t tried skating, but they work for golf where I look down, up and sideways a lot, biking, and running. I think the key is the size and how secure the nose bridge is. This model fits me well.


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Enro makes a 3-layer cloth mask called Curv that’s designed with a light frame to hold the fabric away from your mouth. I haven’t tried it, but it might be worth checking out. Enro masks are quite highly rated, and I’m really happy with the fit of the regular (Tech) ones I have (I have a small face for an adult, and their size small is the best fitting mask I’ve found for my face type). I will warn you that due to their popularity they’re often out of stock. They do restock pretty frequently though.



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I've been wearing KF94 disposable masks made in Korea, which I bought on ebay in bulk for less than a dollar each. They fit well & puff out away from your mouth so there's more room for air circulation.

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