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Men SP:
Chen: Happy about the clean skate so early in the season
Hanuy: In the SP I made some mistake,s but itdidn't feel bad, I skated in Miscow 6-7 years ago, it was my first GP I won, so some fond memories. I hope to skate better tomorrow
Aliev: Congrats on the first day of the competition, it's a huge honour for me to sit next to those skaters. OF course am happy with my skate today, the 4lz didn't work and we worked on it also I felt a bit uncertain in my SP but am happy about the competition today.

To Hanyu: you spend a lot of time away from Japan, how do you handle the lack of Japanese food which is so different? Did you have a chance to try the Russian borsch?\
I haven't this time because there was no time, but I was here several times before, I came here for polishing for 3 weeks and then I tried a lot of Russian food, including the borsch

To all 3: first time the tickets to the practices are sold and which do you prefer?\
Chen: this is the first competition with a lot of audience for practices, I kind of like having extra people and all that energy, it's nice to perform in front of the audience, the Japanese people are an amazing audience and it's great skating for them
Hanyu:: I really appreciate so many people came to watch and encourage me. It's the organizer's decision - the audience in the practice - if they are here am fine with that and it's my job to skate, if the place is empty it's still my job to do a good practice.
Aliev: It's a first experience for me, I never had such a thing before, so I have nothing to compare. But the audience in the practice is pushing you and makes you stronger, you can't break down. Am grateful to the Japanese fans who came here and who encourage each skater during the practice. So thank you!

To Aliev: it's your first senior GP, you started at home in Russia and you are 3rd - is it a relieve or an extra pressure being home:
I think I had very good emotions today, it's the first time am skating on such a level and at home representing not my town but my country and I was a bit nervous but the home crowd encouraged me and I was happy to skate to them.

To Aliev: the problem you had today with the lutz: is it the beginning of the season, the recovering from the injury?
Think it was because I was rushing and nervious. There was nothing else. I have to get used to the athmosphere and work and do my job.

To Hanyu and Chen: it's the olympic season and the men competition will be tough. Can you talk about the mental preparations
Chen: It's my first olympic season so I don't know yet how to do that. Am approaching it as a normal season at least now - setting the programme and pushing myself.
Hanuy: This is my 2nd Olympic season but like Nathan said am not going to approach it as any other season, I will train hard and do what I can and prepare like to any other season
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Pairs SP
Tell us how did you feel, how did the ice that was cut especially for the Euros felt, how did the crowd support and what do you think about your skate?
Tarasova: today we skated not badly, there were some minor mistakes, the programme was fine, all the elements but the jump were executed well. The ice is good. As for the audience we loved the support, the flags, thank you.
Klimov: As I already said we didn't skate badly today, some things were quite good except for the mistake that we think it was just a thing. The rest was not bad for the moment, the ice is good, so was the crowd.
Marchei: we are pleased with the performance, we could enjoy, the crowd was supportive and it was easy to relax and do our job
Hotarek: we were looking forward to skate to this crowd, we thought it was catchy and we were happy. The ice is very fast, so the first couple of minutes we were shocked, we are not used to that.
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Ladies SP:
to all 3: what can you say about your performance tonight?
Medvedeva: all and all am happy with my skate today htough there were small details that did not make me happy it was mainly my mood, I think I have to do some work on my brains and set it back on the track. Right now I can't talk about the result - today is not even half of what I need to do on the competitions. The main work will be tomorrow and I have just to rest today and be ready.
Kostner: I agree with Evgenia you can always find something to do better in your programme. I felt a lot of emotions and I hope I was able to transfer them to the audience. Am also looking forward for some rest and tomorrow.
Higuchi: today think I was able to skate like I do at the practice, the body felt well and it was moving well. I was a bit disappointed with the marks, but it was obvious what the mistake was and I hope to be skating better tomorrow.

To Medvedeva: most skaters of your age struggle with high and weight, the technique changes. You seem to overcome those problems. What is your secret?
Medvedeva: it's quite a science and we could talk about it for hours. Frankly, in the last year or year and half, even more am very cautious about my body, because yes, I would not be able to eat after 6pm as much as I want and have no consiquences, but the mane thing is that I've never had a different body, so I can't tell whether it's easier or harder for me. It is different from 1-2 years ago, but the main secret and motivation is the discipline. The sport itself is the discipline. I have to control myself every day and every time you let yourself go you start hating yourself. Everyone had been through that. So yes, discipline.

To MEdvedeva: you missed .2 to break a record. Does it matter?
Medvedeva: the journalists would not let me lie, but when I broke the record for the first time I was told that in the mixed zone, I do not keep count. You say I missed .2? So I have more work to do. When I practice the most important thing for me is to show the work that we have done day after day, it's not only my work but of a lot of other people as well and am so grateful to them for the opportunity to go out on the ice and do what I love.

To Medvedeva: how do you explain the phenomena of all the Russian young skaters and are you being pushed by them?
Medvedeva: My point of view is that the Russian girls are quite a competition and I guess we see each other and try to do best. I can't speak for the others, but as far as I'm concerned I was always looking up to somebody and I was trying to learn from the other. I never wanted to become less of a personality, but I always learned the emotions, the moves and the inspiration from the others.

To Kostner: the choice of the GP in Moscow. Do you like skating in Moscow? Is it your lucky city? Mishin insisted? The Euros being in Moscow?
Kostner: I did not quite understand the question. Usually you get invited, no? So it was not my decision, but I am very pleased to be here. Russia have been a country where I lived many amazing extraordinary joys in my career. I won my first worlds medal here in Russia many years. It was the first time beat my old time idol Michelle Kwan, it all started here. I admire the skaters, the work, the passion, and I hope one day in Italy we can feel the same about our sport that it becomes more popular, more competitive and has more talented skaters.

To Kostner: you just scored your highest except for the 2014 worlds in the SP. Looking back at the last 4 years how are you now compared to the SP that is not as difficult as it was in 2014 and where is that competition in the Olympic season?
Kostner: There are things I can improve artistically and technically, especially technically. Work coming back coming back to competitive skating has been a long and difficult process and I don't think it's finished yet. I think the roof is very much open and I'm looking forward to see where I can go.
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Men LP
Hanyu is here, the rest are on the way.
To Hanyu: talk about today's performance?
The most important thing I need to work on each jump, each combo, I need to practice more each element in both programmes. I'm excited with today's performace, but I made mistakes - on my loop and I didn't do the combination, so it gave the points difference. Am glad with my SP yesterday though. I realize how important it is to practice more and skating - each eleemtn is so important and i need to perform each element, I realize the importance of performed each element (he spoke in English which I assume was English, later he switched to Japanese and was translated back to English. Just as well no other skaters are her).

Chen joins in.
To Chen: talk about today's performance
Chen: first congrats to Yuzu for landing the first 4lz The beginning of the programme was good, landed all the quads , I got a bit tired by the middle and started making mistakes, can't let that happen in the future, am excited to have won (can he speak any slower?!?!?!)

Kolyada joins in
To KOlyada: talk about today!
Kolyada: the minimum goal was reached, there was not pop any jumps, but I let it go on the last jump. All and all I liked it, I was able to depict the character and hope that energy was enough to the judges and the viewers. For me it was enough indeed.

To Hanuy: the long programme is a challenge so what preparations do you do mentally and physically?
Hanuy: This is a challenging progarmme, but here sitting next to me is a talented person with wonderful jumps and so artistic and I need to practice more and more for myself I know it takes a lot mentally and stamina to perform the programme, I take it step by step and perform one at the time.

To Kolyada: after yesterday's SP what did you do yesterday and today morning to regroup?
Kolyada: You already answered it all - I threw everything away and cleared my head before entering the competition today. Started from the scratch

To Hanuy: even though it happens all the time are you still amused seeing the ice turning yellow after the skating. And I know you appreciate your fans, but does it become a heavy burden at the time?
Not only I get a lot of gifts on the ice, but I also receive a lot of gifts and letters and I appreciate it. I went into the sports because I love skating so much and that's the reason I keep competing - I love the sports so much. After experiencing so many competition and working outside Japan I realize how much i need that support I appreciate it. Sometimes when I can't get the results I apologize and I feel responsibility, but this support gives me emotions and motivates.

To Chen: at the very beginning of the programme you changed the whole programme because of the loop that was bothering you the whole week and you changed it and what about the extra 2T?
I didn't do three 2T. The loop was not going well in this competiiton and I dind't want to risk it and I was trying to recalculate so I went fro something I was more confident. It was a complete the last minute decision. It's my plan B. I always have a plan b, c, d... having a backup helps me, sometimes I do some additional 2T, but I have to make sure I don't do that in the future. The additional 2T already happened to me before.

To Chen: talk about the music, it's quite an unusual music, especially the SP.
Chen: The SP I decided to work with Shae Lynn, I loved her work with the other skaters, the personality - I saw Ashley's personality coming through her programmes and loved it. She worked on the SP I didn't like it it first, it seemed too much like a show, she showed some movements and I though they were cool, some hip hop, we otook off with that and working with the stadium - the sound during the performance def helps.
The LP the idea by Lory, I thought it was a bit too political, but I read the story line, read the movie and the book reviews, it lets the politics aside, thought it was a cool idea, I needed to continue understanding it with Lory, I tried talking to the writer of the book and where his mind was during hte book/movie it didn't happen yet, I really enjoy it and hope it will develop though the season.

To the others: the same: talk about your programmes - Michael changed the style, Yuzu coming back ot the old ones
Hanyu: In figure skating it might be unusual for a skater to repeat the music, but for me both the programmes I have worked on polishing my ballet skills and I worked with the choreographer on the Japanese traditional movements. It's very traditional and have been carrying on for ages and ages. Expressing that in the LP it was fascinating and interesting. I want to perform those programmes in the way that I would make me completely satisfied.
Kolyada: It's simple: I wanted to change the style and try something new. The SP we decided to try the lyrical style. The SP - it was a spontaneous idea, we decided to give it a try, why not, it should be something quite interesting, I hope it is. Of course there is still a lot to work on, but I like it, hope the others as well.

If there were 2 competitions: the technical, you can do any jumps and nothing else, and the other artistical - say no more than 2 quad and do whatever else. Which one would you pick?
Chen: It's clear I would take the technical - I love the jumps, I love watching them and doing them in the practice.
Hanyu: This may not be an interesting answer, but if the rules changes I would do what is required and I would be able to accomplish the style that is required, no matter which style.
Kolyada: Interesting question. I was already asked that. Frankly, I don't know what would I pick - am not sure, I love both the jumps and the artistic side, especially when it combines and then it is great. Many skating fans a lot of time come and the don't know what they see, they don't understand whether it's a 2A or a 4Lz. The programme is the most important for them. So no, I don't know what I would pick
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Pairs LP
Tarasova Morozov are here and they are falling asleep on the table.
Klimov and Stolbova joining in.
Rogonov is here as well.
Wow, Stolbova/Klimov are actually speaking to each other. Who would have thought:)
A press conf without the Japanese press, wow!
Talk about your today's skate
Morozov: The skate was ok, better than the previous competition, we are satisfied with our today's skate.
Klimov: Today's skate we don't know. Was ok, we did what we did, what we didn't do - we didn't We'll work on it the jumps and throws, a freak accidents, not something that usually happens to us (Stolbova is too busy with her phone to answer)
Astakhova joins
Rogonov: Today was a good skate, we did a lot of what we planned, we received almost all the levels we were looking for, most of the elements were good. Tehre is still a lot to work on and improve, we need to work on our speed and to polish the programme more.
Astakhova: I agree with Alexey, all and all it was good. The throw on 2 feet... but otherwise it was not bad.

Talk about your programmes, what are the stories, who choreographed etc
Morozov: about both programmes? The LP the theme is boogie woogie. We are trying to depict the style and the dance on the ice, the Aguilera's song. There are 4 parts, the first is Zhenya's theme, then mine, then sort of - well, she plays around with me, then I kind of get into that and in the end we just dance (Katia seduces Dima, Dima does not agree, in the end Katia seduces Dima...)
Klimov kicks Stolbova, she takes off the phone and answers: The SP there were no problems - I was looking for the music and bumped into Bessa me mucho, I let everyone listen and everyone agreed. The LP we had so many troubles with that - the first piece of music we chose it was not an Olympic programme, hence we had to rush and find a different piece. Nina Mozer offered to try a Carmen. We offered Camerlengo and Krylova to choreograph and I think it worked quite well in the end.
Rogonov: the LP is La La Land, we started working on it in April after watching the movie and loving the music. After the music took the Oscar we had no doubts it's an interesting and a winning piece. We worked so much on the LP. We changed the SP in the middle of the summer in 2 nights we choreographed a new one. WE were afraid we won't have enough time, but think it was a success. It's Adagio for G string, then LaCrimosa, then Orff's 'Oh Fortuna' for the steps sequence.
Astakhova: I totally agree with Rogonov.
Rogonov: She had doubts about the LP
Astakhova: Our choreographer Molotov gave us the music an I didn't really like it. The choreographer said `watch the movie, you will love it'. I did and well, didn't like it. But then we started working on the programme and well, finally it became interesting. So that was that and the programme is quite good. Both the SP and the LP.

To Astakhova/Rogonov: there are so many songs in LaLaLand, why these songs and why 'City of Stars'?
Rogonov: we needed a lyrical middle and it just worked, there was another piece we liked better, but it didn't match with the other 2 piece we used. There is indeed a lot of good music, but it just didn't work one with the other.

To Tarasova/Morozov: did you watch any boogie woogie and do you really like Aguilera? What did you do to get inspired?
Morozov: no. Nothing. We did go to the Worlds cup and watched boogie woogie and we liked it a lot, we wanted to skate to something of the kind. We watched a lot of competitions and we worked with the dancers. There are a lot of things they do on the floor, but it doesnt' work on the ice. IT was hard to pick the music - we had too many
Tarasova: We asked the dancers, they gave us a disk with like 1000 pieces. Together with Tchernyshev we picked Aguilera and mixed it.

To Tarasova/Morozov: you said the LP is one of the toughest you've ever done. After finishing skating Vladimir could hardly breath. Are you afraid if you are not completely well such a hard programme will not be possible to perform at all?
Morozov: no, no worries about the programme. It's the 2nd competition and so far we did well. Thinking of something unpredictable such as an illness...
Tarasova: not something you think about
Morozov: yeah, we try to stay healthy and be prepared. So no, we are nothinking of the other things that would influence. We feel we can do that programme with all the elements, so why not?

To Tarasvoa/Morozov: Russia had won every gold medal in the Olympics except for once. With the classic style and now it've really changed. Do you like not to have to skate to the classical style like you do - lalaland and the boogie woogie? Do you like that freedom?
Morozov (fighting with the mic). Indeed the rules have changed since we are allowed to use the vocals the choice is wider. We like what we do, we enjoy skating to that music. The classical skating is not bad either, our SP is to the classical music and is a classical programme. We try to combine the styles and be different in the SP and the LP.

To Stolbova/Klimov: there are many carmens this season. I think your Carmen is the strongest, how comfortable are you in Carmen?
Stolbova: thanks for the compliment. Frankly, if I didn't like the programme I wouldn't have skated it. I like the programme, the character, the costumes.
Klimov is lauging
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Ladies LP:
Medvedeva and Higuchi are here, Caro is still giving interviews:)

To Medvedeva: it seemed you were not happy with your SP
Medvedeva: no, I was happy with the SP as well, but I kept thinkingin I still have the SP and I couldn't smile cause I knew the main job was still ahead of me. I was satisfied with today's skate, I think I did a fine job. The last 2A is funny - there were some mistakes and troubles in the jumps in the practices, but sure not on the 2A and not the last one. Guess it's the mental flake - I let go and think the mistake will be for good, I will work on it in the future.

To Kostner who joined.
Please excuse my delay. I think that I quite satisfied with my skate. I had a hard time in the warm up finding the rhythm and the time between the warm up and the skate was useful. I came with the right energy. I felt the warmth of the audience and it helped me through. There are a lot of things I can improve. Starting the season with such a performance is special and am very excited.

Higuchi: first of all am happy I didn't carry on with the mistakes I did in the SP I was able to focus from the start till the end. Also I had a theme I wanted to overcome - after Lombardia trophy I had a good flow which I was unable to show here, and I wanted to do better here and have another theme for the next competition.

To Higuchi: at the end of the last season in WTT we saw a nice 3A so what with it now?
Higuchi: Actually am still practicing the 3A, but it's as consistent and I have many other things to practice on this season. I haven't nailed other jumps to the consistency that I need so I will probably not perform the 3A this season in the competition.

To all 3: the figure skating news said there were several broken bones after practicing the quads by the young skaters. Do you think it's needed the quads, is it justified or should it be forbidden?
Medvedeva: I would like to say your question is quite harsh with those broken legs.... as for the quads and taking the Russian skaters I understand it you meant Anna Scherbakova from our group let me clarify it's an injury that happened not on the quad, but at the beginning of the season on a tripple jump and the quad is not even related. But yes, I noticed the younger skaters are learning the ultra C jumps and think it's the next step in figure skating and in a couple of years it will be a normal. Am sure the ladies skating will get on the new level.
Kostner: I think every sport has the risk of injuries and the important thing is putting time in injury prevention and you work with the respect of your body. As for the quad in general I remember sharing the ice with Miki Ando when I was a junior and during the exhibition practice we tried the quad sal and loop and it was fun. It's a dream you have and you want to get better and it's a part of out the sport to become better. ITs' the drive of the future.
Higuchi: For me personally I practice the 3A and sometimes I try that during the runthrough. It's hard to concentrate on the other jumps when doing a 3A So when you challenge those big tricks it's a challenge but it's also a risk as well. I like to make the other jumps more steady and consistent before I try the other big jumps.

To Kostner: the free music is kind of special for the figure skating fans. What did Lory Nicol told you about that music when she gave it to you?
Kostner: I already skated to that music in 2010-2011, back then I was just learning to appreciate the history of skating - John Carry. And Lory started showing me the skating and telling me about the quality of the lines, but for me it was just landing my jumps and skating fast. She was a huge help defining and making skating not only about technique but about the art and I found myself very much at home. As for the music it expresses how I feel about skating - it's pure joy. IT's one of the first classical pieces that sorry.... can't think of the word.. that challenge the true classical rules. My skating is a bit the same - I love to be classical but then I like putting my personality into it and it fits very well. I want to feel joy when I skate, that's what have accompanied my skating career and I feel privileged and honoured to experience that.

To Medvedeva: the pet you carry is it a competitor to the Pooh?
Medvedeva: Frankly am surprised, this pet is with me for 2-3 years, think the 2nd season. 3rd season. There are so many stories that happened to that toy, it used to have a mustage, the guys from the group took it to play and the moustage was gone, I had to fix it a lot of times already. I had it for a while and thought everyone knows it. As for a competitor to the Pooh it's not for me to decide!

To Medvedeva: in the middle of the SP a woman's voice ocmes and says `come back!' it's rare putting a human voice in the middle of Nocturne, what was it for and what is the story you are telling there?
Medvedeva: Yeah, I was expecting that question. Some thought it was a problem with the equipment. It was our creative thought. My SP has a story behind it, there were various interpretations, the headlines of the stories in the press were different versions.... My SP is a flight of a human soul. It's not what we live through every day, I try to depict how pure the human soul is. Those words explain am in a different world and those words are calling me to come back. I keep skating, I hear the call and at the end of the programme I come back to our real world where we all live. I hope the story of my SP is quite clear and I try to depict it as clearly as I can and hope I can project it to the viewers.

To Medvedeva: what is the huge teddy bear you were given and what will you do with it?
Medvedeva: for now am happy I live in Moscow and the competition is in Moscow so my mom can come with the car and pick it up and take it home

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