Press Conferences & Quick Quotes - Worlds 2018


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Aljona and Bruno being too busy looking at their medals they almost missed the draw:)

Pairs LP
How did it feel tonight
Aljona puts the mic in front of Bruno
Massot: Pain in the legs. It was cool to skate one more time the Olympic programmes. WE decided to come because a lot of family and friends didn't have a chance to come to korea, so we decided to cme and skate for the, We don't have the pressure, we are just having fun and it's the best way. We have the new season best, finally those 80 points
Morozov: it was good, a normal SP think everyone know we are tired after the Olympics, it's more fun,there isn't much pressure now, we are just skating for the audience
Cipres: as Bruno and Vladimir said it was hard to restart preparing to the Worlds after the Olys, we knew it would be that way, we had a good start here, we are at the medallists conference, we are happy.

To Massot: your programme was good today. Does it feel like a reveng from the Olys where you made a small mistake?
I promised myself i will not make the mistake. The sal was not good today, but Ididn't have a choice - I wanted to fight today. It was a chance for me.

Tomorrow is your last LP of the season. What kind of emotion
all make gestures of yay!!!!!
Massot: what we can expect? A good programme, it will not be easy, we are so tired after the Olys and it's the end of the season, we will try to skate as well as the Olys. If there are some mistakes 0 its a competition and we will be happy anywya
Morozov: Tomorrow is tomorrow. I think there will be some action. Its possible to skate well so we will do our programme.
James: I think everyone is at the same page - we will fight and do our best, skate the programme that we didn't do at the Olympics. Morgan was injuried last week and I have been skating alone, we will be determined, I hope the others will be the same.

To Tarasova: the last moment of the Olympics was diffficult. How did you recover and prepare yourself.
After the emotions I felt after the LP in the Olys I think something have changed in me and I don't want to make the same mistakes and I know how I have to set myself for tomorrow's skate.

To Cipres: the injury?
Right after the Olys we knew we were preparing for the worlds and staying in shape, we started the day after and Ijust twisted my neck during the lift and I can't move my neck to the sides. It became a bit better when we came back and started practicing and 3 days later it happened again, again I couldn't move my head for a week and I had a really good doctor from the hokey team who came to the rink and helped me to get ready. I couldn't skate like Vanessa said for a week and half.

After the olys a lot of teams decided not to come. Were you counting and thinkingin we are one step closer to the podium
James: no. Everyone can be on the podium like in any other competition. With or without Meaghan the competition was freakin amazing, but the people we are skating against here are just as good.
Cipres: we have the Olympic champions here, so it's not so bad, I think
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Pairs SP quick quotes are now available.

Deanna Stellato:
We really enjoyed ourselves out there. After all we didn't know we were coming until 24 hours before we left. Luckily we were still training. (On coming back to skating after a 15 year hiatus and changing discipline from singles to pairs) I've had to learn a lot of new things. The side-by-side jumps were the same and the throws came pretty naturally but we had to make them bigger, and I'm still learning the death spiral. But being older puts everything into perspective. I take things more seriously being an adult, but it's also why I learn so fast. And I've got here because of our coaches, because of Nate and because I'm an adult.

Drew Wolfe:
Everybody has been super supportive, helping us out with a pair of skates and some blades so we could concentrate on what we had to do. But I haven't skated on this kind of blade before. It's a different rocker, a different sharpening, a different mount, everything was different but I'm just pleased with what we did. I got them yesterday and so we had three practices with them and skated close to clean. I got an email just before we came to the rink that my bag is in Frankfurt so we hope to get it in the next two or three days.
Alex Kam:
We've had quite the week because both our luggage didn't arrive. She had her skates in her carry-on but I had no skates and we had no costumes, nothing. So Tuesday I got new skates and blades and I went to the mall and bought a shirt and Vanessa (Vanessa James, France) lent Kyueun a dress. But then two hours before we got here our bags arrived, four days late. So I put on my old skates again but I wasn't used to them so on our six-minute warm-up we couldn't do much. So it wasn't how we wanted our first World Championships to go but we went for everything and gave it our all and we're quite pleased with how we did considering everything.
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Pairs lp
The Russians are here and are being busy with their phones. Half an hour later - Vanessa and Morgan are here as well. And off we go.
Morozov: we are happy tonight, congrats to all the medallist, we are very tired and glad the season is over. Am happy we were able to do today.
a very long question and Vanessa goes what?
Morgan: congrats to the medallists, it was not only the championship but a very long season every competition was hard, everyone was great this season. For us today - we are really happy to win this medal, it's a dream and I think we will realize may be tomorrow that we are medallists. It's not only a medal for Vanessa and Morgan, but for our team, coaches, French fed, the staff, the audience, thank you.

The Germans are not here yet

Vanessa, think the audience was shocked when you fell on the throw 3S. You probably didn't do the quad because of Morgan's neck and the lack of training.
Vanessa: yes, we have been working on the 3s throw we haven't done for about 2 years, we have started 2 days ago and the coach wanted me to stay focused, I don't have the reflexes for the 3 anymore, I turn so fast for the quad, but we did so many in the warm up. It knocked the wind out of me, but I came back. Last and this year we laraned the mistake can win or lose the competition but what will come next decides. I forgot the pain, Moran was asking me and I was `I need to go into the next element'. The support of the coaches and my partner made everything possible today.

To TarMar: you were 2nd after the SP and you skated last in the SP can you explain how you were able to pull yourself together and skate as well as you did?
Morozob: think we are lucky with the last number -we were skating last every competition, its our normal now number 4. WE don't have any pressure today, we just skated normally and off season we do the same things.

To James/Cipres your coach Zimmerman also won the medal past the Olympics has he ever talked to you about his experience and what did you discuss about winning a medal going into this competition?
Every day we hear about his experience with Kioko, every day! I think it's a good thing we can share and learn from what he did and we follow his step. Think we are at the same places he was now. I think during the Euros we were thinking too much about being the champions after the SP and it was just a mistake. Today we didn't talk about the medal but what we have to do and how to do it. I have to say it was hard today to skate well because our preparations were short and not that good, but a preparation like this is a good thing.

Bruno is here as well.
Bruno: where is my partner?
Over there. Ah....
the whole press room claps for Aljona
Bruno: it was exactly the season we wanted. We started it in September and said this season will bethe one we win everything. We decided not to do the Euros before the Olympics, now think it was a good choice. Today we realized we reached our goals today.

To Aljona/Bruno: you seemed even more emotional here than at the Olympics. Compare themedal for us.
Aljona: think because it's the last competition and we decided to skate here for our family and friends, it was really hard after the Olynpcs to come back home, we went home for 7 hours and left to Art on Ice and had just one week of preparations but thinking of the family who couldn't be at the Olympics was the motivation toe here, that's why we gave all the energy we skated with our hearts and those are the emotions

The place is very loud. Especially when the Italians were skating Do you mind?
Aljona: for me it's a motivation, I like it.
Bruno: of course the audience were here for the Italians, but they were here for us as well, when we were on the ice and you see all these people scream and clap for you, it give s you the energy, it's not disturbing at all
Vanessa: I think it's the first time I actually heard the audience when I was doing the elements and skating it motivated me. The tyare amaing.
Aljona is translating the question for TarasovaMorozov, who, apparently, didn't get it.
They give up answering.

You all said it had been a very long season and such an emotional performances. What about your future in the sports? Next season?
Aljona: we will think about it tomorrow
Brino: ask again next week
Morgan: thinking about the holidays is good. Think that's what is thinking about it
Morozov: it's imposssible to think right now about the next season. No one is thinking what to do. Everyone just wants to relax.

To Massot: do you still remember hte day you received a call from Aljona that she wanted to partner with you. Do you rememebr how you felt and how do you think you have changed as an athlete or as a skater. Not as a World and Olympic champion but overall
Bruno: of course I rememebr the day and my reaction. And yes, I realize today the crazy work I had to do these 4 years but I was not alone to work, she was working so hard, we were workgin togehter for the same goal in the same way. It was a hard work for her to bring me to her level (she is making faces what is he talking about?) so yes, I remember all of it, hence it gives so many emotions here or the Olys - we rememebr all the work in those 4 years, and we are very happy

To Vanessa/Morgan - do you rememebr skating together for the first time?
VanessA: that was so long ago, I don't know whether I rememebr the first day but I rememebr the 3 days trial - he never done pairs he was so frightend and he was oh my god all the time! We were friends and we thought we'll work well together am so glad I made that choice we are living the dream today. It have been a bumpy road.


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Just read the men's quick quotes.

If anyone needs me I'll be in the corner nursing my bruised feelings from the gut-punch that is Max's (not that Brendan's helped either.)
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Thanks as always, @TAHbKA!

Pairs FS press conference video (Thursday):
Also on YT:

Men's SP press conference (Thursday; small medals are awarded starting around the 8-minute mark):
On YT:

Pairs SP press conference video (Wednesday; small medals are awarded starting around the 16-minute mark):
On YT:

Ladies SP press conference video (Wednesday; small medals are awarded starting aroundthe 3:30-minute mark):
On YT:

ETA comments addressed to the ISU camera after their respective short programs:

Keegan Messing (in 6th):

Matteo Rizzo (18th):

Vincent Zhou (3rd):

Loena Hendrickx (10th):

Eliska Brezina (18th):

Carolina Kostner SP highlights:
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Short Dance press conference is starting now (preceded by the ISU "small" medals ceremony & FD draw) and will be archived here:

P.S. Thanks to @TAHbKA for continuing to post your press conference transcripts here (if you can) for people who don't have time to watch/listen to the videos. :)
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From Vanessa's press conf quotes, this is so cute:

(On remembering their first day of skating together with Cipres) "That was so long ago. I remember our 3-day-trial and it was so fun. He was so funny, because he had never done pairs before, so he was really nervous and saying “oh my gosh, oh my gosh” every time he threw me. I knew that we were going to be good friends. I’m so glad I made that choice because we’re a really good team today. It’s been bumpy but amazing with Morgan."

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