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Are you going to tell us your paymaster is anti-gun?

Watch the video I posted. He makes a subtle comparison of minorities from caucuses to cockroaches.

He's liberal with a right wing leanings. He knows that sticking to only liberal ideology with get him 15% most.


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A look at how Germany fared after taking in so many refugees since 2015. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/30/angela-merkel-great-migrant-gamble-paid-off

More than 10,000 people who arrived in Germany as refugees since 2015 have mastered the language sufficiently to enrol at a German university. More than half of those who came are in work and pay taxes. Among refugee children and teenagers, more than 80% say they have a strong sense of belonging to their German schools and feel liked by their peers.


The AfD, meanwhile, never reached the point “when it will be the country’s second-largest party”, as historian Niall Ferguson predicted in February 2018. The party has established a steady presence in local parliaments across Germany, especially in the states of the formerly socialist east. But at federal level the AfD has dropped to fourth in the polls, down from its third place and 12.6% at elections in 2017, and has been stricken with infighting since immigration has dropped off the top of the political agenda.

The spectre of jihadist terrorism, which some feared the refugee crisis would usher into the heart of central Europe, has faded from view in recent years. After a spate of seven attacks with an Islamist motive in Germany in 2016, culminating with a truck driven into a Berlin Christmas market that December, the country has seen no further attacks for the last three years.


Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigations records a rise of criminal offences, including violent crime, in the years between 2014 and 2016, linking the trend to the influx of migration. The percentage of asylum seekers found guilty of such crimes also doubled in the same period. However, the majority of these offences were within the refugee shelters where new arrivals were initially housed. By 2017, when Trump claimed that “crime in Germany is way up” because it had taken in “all of those illegals”, the number of overall recorded crimes was decreasing. Last year, crime in Germany sank to an 18-year low.
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Italian elections today (I voted!).

The big issue is a referendum to reduce the size of Parliament from 945 to 600. 600 is still way too big, but it got an enthusiastic yes from me. Based on exit polling, the reduction of Parliament is predicted to pass, whereas the previous attempt in 2017(?) failed.

Great to see high (by American standards) turnout and accommodations made for everyone.

Turnout at the close of voting Monday indicated that some regions saw nearly 60%-75% of eligible voters cast ballots, including those who voted from home or hospitals because they were sick with *********-19 or quarantining. An army of volunteers, wearing head-to-toe protective equipment, made house calls to ensure that even *****-affected Italians could vote.
Those who made it to polling centers had to follow strict protocols on wearing face masks and social distancing, with the elderly given precedence in lines and hand sanitizer stations ubiquitous.


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Armenia and Azerbaijan could be on the brink of war, and the Armenian Government has declared martial law.

In my city here in the U.S., vandals have attacked an Armenian Apostolic church and school twice in the past few months, and these attacks have been attributed to supporters of Azerbaijan.

I have been to both countries, and I have to say that there is a lot of ignorance and disinformation there about the origins and nature of the conflict between the peoples.

🇦🇲 🇦🇿
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More on the Armenia-Azerbaijan crisis:

As fierce combat between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces stretched into a fourth day, the presence of Syrians on the ground – believed to be contractors working for Turkish security companies – signalled a new frontier for Ankara’s increasingly assertive foreign policy.

Turkish intervention in a dispute that foreign powers have traditionally sought to restrain was a dangerous new factor that threatened to make the fighting there longer and bloodier, analysts said.

So far there are more than 100 confirmed deaths among civilians and Armenian combatants killed in action. Azerbaijan does not release data on its military losses, but these can be assumed to be at least as high.
The fighting appears to be driven by an attempt by Azerbaijani forces to recapture swathes of territories occupied by Armenian forces in the Karabakh war after the Soviet Union collapsed. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Azeris were displaced from these areas in 1992-4.



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Bibi et al. got the main Jerusalem protests shut down by passing an emergency measure that people can only take part in small protests within 1 kilometer of their residence.

Israelis did this in response:


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Jacinda Ardern wins re-election in a landslide proving compassion and preventing unnecessary death is a vote winning strategy. Who knew?



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Bolivia has voted and thrown out the US-backed coup that installed a military junta. The candidate for the party of Evo Morales won a thumping 52 % vote in the first round. Congrats to the people of Bolivia, hopefully, the new government will bring justice to them people who lost their lives under the military government.

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