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Please Read- Abandoning Bets

Discussion in 'The Bookies!' started by SHARPIE, Jan 15, 2006.


    SHARPIE Not an old, divorced Canadian. Staff Member

    If an event is posted and one of the particpants listed for a bet pulls out, we will no longer be abandoning the bet and returning stakes. You pays your money, you takes your chance! :D

    Also you can easily now access your V Bookie stats from the link in the toolbar (Next to the calendar link) :D
  2. Louis

    Louis Well-Known Member

    So, for example, if Plushenko pulls out, all the people who bet for him immediately lose? Or do the people who bet for Plushenko get their $$$ back, but the people who bet for someone else do not?
  3. sodapop

    sodapop Well-Known Member

    You lose your money if the skater withdraws and you've bet on that skater. With the v bookie system you can't abandon certain parts of the bets and pay out others. It's too difficult for bookies to completely abandon events because with withdrawls we would be closing events a lot.

    My only suggestion is to place your bet closer to the event. The bookies are all learning this system as well and one thing I've learned is to close an event closer to the event. That gives people more of a chance to think their bets out.
  4. CantALoop

    CantALoop Well-Known Member

    From past bets (like the debacle of withdrawals from the Men's GPF), it seems like the only way for bets to be returned is to win or to abandon the event in its entirety, so I guess the people banking on Plushy are out of luck. :(
  5. BittyBug

    BittyBug And the band played on

    Very nice! :cool:
  6. Kamey

    Kamey New Member

    Hey, for Euros silver, some people that bet on Sokolova when the first bet was abandoned got 5/1 odds and some people (read: ME!) didn't. Hmm, are some bettors better than others? :lol: