Play 4CCs / Chris Howarth Bingo with us!


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Sorry, just saw this! Thank you for the compliment, I’m very proud to be an expert even though as a bad Brit I say none of these things myself :lol:

I think everything you suggest above is great. Now we’ve removed ‘innit’ I don’t see any that he wouldn’t say.
Regarding the mustard one - he definitely always used to say ‘sharp as mustard’ a lot, but after he mixed it with ‘clean as a whistle’ at Euros and everyone laughed he seems to be avoiding both, but I’d leave it in personally as he did used to say it a lot and he might just throw us a bone as it’s the last day :lol:

Also you could split the ones up you suggest but I don’t think you have to - it works either way!

I can’t see anything missing either - I think you really do have everything but the kitchen sink in there :lol: thank you so much @MacMadame it has been such great fun this week! I’ve really enjoyed it! :cheer:


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I hope that Chris is on the Peacock streams for Worlds, rather than A&A.

:scream: PLEASE not A&A!!! Since Worlds is an ISU event (not USFSA) I'm expecting it will be Mark (and possibly Ted). Although I will hope against hope for no commentary at all. 🙏


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Okay, the cards are here. There are two versions. One has 45 phrases, the ones he's said repeatedly & a few he's said at least once this weekend. The second one is all 71 phrases that apply to a FD.


And the Xitter post with directions on how to get multiple cards where I'll post the phrases we hear as an official record (and for people who aren't paying enough attention. :lol:)

ETA please share the Xitter link.

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