Our Russian FSU posters here


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Are you vetoing Claire's comment (veto means to me disagreeing) or echoing Claire's statements?

I do think we need to communicate with our FSU Russian friends because they can give us insight to life in Russia these days.
ah, thanks, I meant I think the same. I will change that. 🙃


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I'm not eloquent by any means, but just echoing that I am thinking of our Russian posters who are against this war and against their government's actions at this time. I hope that they will continue to feel welcome here, and will continue to be an active part of this board.


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ah, thanks, I meant I think the same. I will change that. 🙃
I thought maybe the phrase you were looking for was, "I second that."


Thank you for starting this thread, @Hedwig. I just wanted to add that the FSU is so much richer for the diverse voices from so many different countries that all come here to share about our shared love of figure skating.


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@Hindernisse and @Ka3sha, I hope you are alright. We all know no one here supports any war at all. I feel bad for everyone who is suffering.

And to all the Russian posters, I hope you know that we have no bitter feelings towards you. I personally know several Russians and they were so nice to me during my trips to Russia, now they feel depressed and sad and guilty. None of what I say would help them and you guys in this situation, I am afraid. I just hope this nightmare will end.

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