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I hope this is the right forum for this!

Figure skating individuals if the past or present! I'm doing Novel research and any help is appreciated! I used to be a figure skater but I unfortunately dont have many memories of it from when I was younger. (I skate currently as well. But Im looking for a different perspective.)

It's not limited to these questions either. Please share all your special/unique things about figure skating and its culture!

What was your club's culture like?

What's your best memory of skating/the club?

Was there anything weird only a figure skater would know? What the change room smells like? Weird things to do with skating inside jokes?

What's wearing show makeup like?

Do you remember anything special about the rink you skated at? Like a secret room, or something that was mysterious?

Did you ever have a boy who wore white skates consistently?

Is there anything you can say about learning skating at its core? The main exercises you'd learn? What a stroking lesson was like?

Things you struggled with and how you overcame them?

What was the girl-boy ratio at your club?

Was there any special people, coaches, skaters that you remember/really stick out in your mind for doing/being something special?

What's your best memory from the rink/club?

Please don't be afraid to get into small details either. Maybe there's certain 'unspoken rules' that every rink has. Or there's a weird habit that most skaters have?

Toss anything you've got at me please!

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