No NBC announcers at the Olympics..


Like a small boat on the ocean...
New (3 hrs ago) Yahoo news article, including the bit about NBC and CBC news staffers who were taken from their hotels to “isolation facilities” as soon as they tested positive/without symptoms:

According to this, NBC tried to minimize…just a curt comment.
Whoa....I would not be getting in a car with hazmat Suits on the way to an Isolation Center.....not In China!
I think I would plop my butt down, hold on to something and start calling my embassy.


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It’s just crazy. Completely crazy.

I’m surprised my country - Canada - is sending anyone. It’s not like China has love for us.
China recently accused Canada of transmitting Omicron to them by mail. Yah apparently a Canadian mailed a letter to the first person who got sick. I was 😂😂😂😂 dying.

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