NHK Trophy 2023 Mens SP - Misters, Can You Tell Us Where Your Quads Have Gone (In A Japanese Void)


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Vasiljevs, Deniss 🇱🇻
Coach: Stephane Lambiel, A. Dolfini, G. Isceri
Music: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

4S< - fall
Ch Camel Spin 3
Step Sequence 4
Ch Combo Spin 4

Fly Sit Spin 4

The fall on the quadruple Salchow did not look kind to Deniss' ankle. The rest of his elements were excellent. I wonder if Vasiljevs needs to give it up and focus on everything else.

82.14 = 3rd Place
He has landed it a couple times in the free. But he needs to give it up in the short program.


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Surprisingly (for me), I didn't think Uno's 4+3 was all that bad on the landings. Even the 4F looked 'better', aside from the terrible prerotation and overall technique. It wasn't like his first event where the landing was so, so, so clearly <<. Still, the 4F getting +4's is foolish.

Thrilled for Kagiyama and for his rising PCS. All judges but one had his skating skills at 9.25 (the other at 9.50), and one day they will see the light that he's clearly the best technician in the world today. Also very pleased by the GOE across the board for him.


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I'm so grateful Kagiyama is back. Just so so so grateful. The speed and fluidity out of his jump landings just isn't matched right now. And that step sequence was just masterful - the pattern is huge, his speed just doesn't let up, and the edges are just so deep and smooth. Just wow at how he's using the curves when so many skaters just fight against them. :swoon:

Easily the best skater out in the field right now. Can't wait for him to get back to attempting 4-5 quads in the long program. He's just on another level. :respec:


Lukas is too good of a skater to need to resort to an unnecessary costume change mid-program. I'd forgotten about this unfortunate choice until it happened and I'll likely forget all about it again before Euros and complain again then.
I actually don't think he is - that said, I think he should drop the first part of the program, and just do 'Superstition' all the way through.


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We talk about Vasiljevs starting to look more & more like Lambiel, and Egazde is starting to look more & more like Gleikhengauz including the facial hair.
Egazde is also beginning to resemble Tim McKernan. I was confused for a second when I turned on the broadcast mid program wondering why Tim was skating.


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I snort laughed during Alexander Selevko's skate. Mummy at da club is destined to become an absolute classic. I swear he looks like the cute-but-dumb sidekick in every 90s buddy movie. He is so going out for a night at the Roxbury after the SP. Luc can be the guy outside selling bootleg CDs and single cigarettes. Tsuboi, btw, is not hanging out with them as unlike these two, he was allowed to get into the club. And so no one thinks I'm overly snarky, I did kinda like all of these programs. Definite improvement in song choices over most of the ladies.

Selevko the Younger. Despite the Malinin wanna-be vibes of this program, I really liked him. He did Ta-DA arms after his opening quad and now I must heart him. Even if the non-brother Estonian is my favorite.

Frangi, everyone's favorite Italian, though you cannot convince me it's for any other reason than his last name is fun to say. That was good; Italian nationals should be fun. Will Grassl be coming back or is he out for the year? What's going on with him? I think Rizzo will hang on for this year as Italy 1, but probably not next. Next, I think he and Grassl, back or not, will be overtaken by Frangi and/or Memola.

Chiu skated. It was a thing that happened. It was a scheduled event. It was an excuse to go to the kitchen and get more stuffing. Why is stuffing SO GOOOOOD. See, like Ted, I can be positive.

KAGIYAMA. Lambiel, eat your heart out. I bet he dreams about coaching Kagiyama. That was amazing AND he has that sweet-faced boy band look. If he keeps going like this, by next season, he's going to have fans that make Fanyus look normal. I might be one of them. :shuffle:

Egadze and Camden are in the things that happened camp with Chiu.

Deniss has gone I think as far as he can go with Lambiel. This is not a comment, positive or negative, about either. Deniss is a beautiful skater and you can definitely see all the positive influences of Lambiel in his skating, but let's be real--if you need a quad, Lambiel's not your guy. That sal wasn't even close. If it was any more short, he'd have been forced to switch to pairs. I'd really like to see what he could do with someone else

Britschgi is the type of skater I don't normally like, but I can't help it, he's infectious, and it's hard not to love a skater who clearly loves skating. That costume change was ice dance worthy. I'd like to see him go to Lambiel to polish off his more truck-driver esque tendencies. This is going to be a weird comment but he kind of reminds me of my favorite type of student to teach--not the ones that are in AP or even Honors, but who honest to god try and just love learning and get something out of the class besides a good grade.

Shoma is beautiful if you watch on mute and know nothing about jump technique. Luckily, I have a mute button and I do know nothing about jump technique! :cheer2: Well-deserved second place.

If I had just seen the results, not the scores and read nothing, I'd have assumed this was a horribly skated event, but it was NOT. I mean, Selevko in the final group would have made me wonder how badly this event went wrong, so I'm very glad I did NOT look at the results.


Will Grassl be coming back or is he out for the year? What's going on with him? I think Rizzo will hang on for this year as Italy 1, but probably not next. Next, I think he and Grassl, back or not, will be overtaken by Frangi and/or Memola.
Recent examples of athletes with missed test suspensions have been 18 months, so we probably won't see Grassl again until 2025/26 if ever.


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My two cents:

Kagiyama rightfully in first place, though he does not reach me with his artistic impression yet. Yes, he bombs all over the ice and has great edge control, but not the elegance and maturity of Shoma. So I’m still on the Shoma train even though his jumps can be wonky. Camden really nicely surprised me with skating mostly clean and placing so high. He too has lovely elegance and flow that I really enjoy watching. Sounds like I’m the only one here that appreciated his skate. At least the judges saw it more like I did. :D I have no expectations for the free for him.

Egadze’s score was ridiculous. Gleik in the K&C :angryfire And the taste level of Britschgi’s short (and even worse free) is cringe for me. :scream: But he is really consistent and skates with attack, which is getting him places. Deniss is like Camden. So much to like and enjoy even though he makes mistakes and usually doesn’t place high. Just wish he were more of his own person and less of Lambiel clone. Finally I did enjoy Luc Econmides interpretation of Kanye West music, but why do so many French skaters do programs about American social injustice:confused::p

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