NHK Trophy 2023 - Gala

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# Name Nation Place
ISU Fanfare
Opening - Flag Skating
1 Rika HONGO JPN Guest Skater
2 Chelsea LIU / Balazs NAGY USA 6th Pairs
3 Tatsuya TSUBOI JPN 9th Men
4 Yuna AOKI JPN 5th Women
5 Gabriele FRANGIPANI ITA 6th Men
6 Misato KOMATSUBARA / Tim KOLETO JPN 9th Ice Dance
7 Nina PINZARRONE BEL 3rd Women
8 Anastasia GOLUBEVA / Hektor GIOTOPOULOS MOORE AUS 4th Pairs
9 Wakaba HIGUCHI JPN 9th Women
10 Camden PULKINEN USA 5th Men
11 Rebecca GHILARDI / Filippo AMBROSINI ITA 3rd Pairs
12 Haein LEE KOR 4th Women
13 Emily BRATTI / Ian SOMERVILLE USA 6th Ice Dance
14 Keiji TANAKA JPN Guest Skater


15 Mao SHIMADA JPN Guest Jr.Skater
16 Deniss VASILJEVS LAT 7th Men
17 Anastasiia GUBANOVA GEO 6th Women
18 Allison REED / Saulius AMBRULEVICIUS LTU 3rd Ice Dance
19 Lukas BRITSCHGI SUI 3rd Men
20 Lucrezia BECCARI / Matteo GUARISE ITA 2nd Pairs
21 Mai MIHARA JPN 8th Women
22 Charlene GUIGNARD / Marco FABBRI ITA 2nd Ice Dance
23 Shoma UNO JPN 2nd Men
24 Satoko MIYAHARA JPN Guest Skater
25 Minerva Fabienne HASE / Nikita VOLODIN GER 1st Pairs
26 Ava Marie ZIEGLER USA 1st Women
27 Lilah FEAR / Lewis GIBSON GBR 1st Ice Dance
28 Yuma KAGIYAMA JPN 1st Men
FINALE (all participants) with Domo-kun
Farewell Run / End of Exhibition

ISU YouTube stream (live & archive) -
CBC Sport live stream -
CBC GEM live stream -


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The ISU tweeted that the gala is on tonight, but Peacock says it's on tomorrow night. :confused:


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Wow, to open the second half of the Gala, Mao Shimada just skated her SP this season with 3A, 3F and 3Lz+3T!
Edited to add: Japan Senior Nationals in December, is going to be the "toughest" competition for Japanese women skaters. If Mao is going for this jump layout, will other 3A jumpers such as Hana follow suit in the SP? It is going to be nail biting!
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Checked into the 2nd half and Denis is skating to the worst GFB version of In the Air Tonight. I need the original with the drums in it. Not that garbage.


Ubering juniors against my will
Not sure of your time zone, but it is tomorrow in a little while.
I mean, it said Sunday night at 11:20 p.m. Eastern, instead of Saturday night at 11:20 p.m. Eastern. It still says that. I wonder if they'll actually put it up when it gets to be 11:20 and they figure out it already took place.


I'm currently arguing with a poor clueless Peacock social media rep on Twitter who insists that they'll be airing the gala live when it takes place 14 1/2 hours from now. :rolleyes:
Here's the link to the ISU YouTube channel if that helps in the argument.



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... And there's no gala on Peacock. SHOCKER.
Hmmmm, methinks NBC needs to hire someone who can do arithmetic. New math may not work for time conversion. And the tile is gone, so no gala for the US unless we switch countries and watch the ISU replay which IS available.
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