NHK 2023 Rhythm Dance - Big (GOE) in Japan


Throwing the (rule)book at them
I still think this is my favorite thing F/G have done. They aren't and won't ever be brilliant technicians, but the rules have been adjusted in a way that really benefits what they can do. Obviously I'm more of a fan of the technicians of the sport, but I can't really hate on this.

The FD... yes.


Simply looking
Great tricks, the rest I just am not on board with. He just shleps her around for half this program.

Also this remix IS NOT from the 80s. :mitchell:


Euler? Euler? Anyone?
I do give F/G credit for finding those outfits straight out of Spencer's closing sale.

I mean, can you imagine going to Joanne's Fabrics and looking at that mesh monstrosity, and saying, YES. THIS IS THE ONE. I really think we need Project Runway judges for this. I don't feel like I'm qualified to snark on those outfits properly. Or that score. That's some nonsense.


Usova's Apprentice
There's just something so campy about this program. Like, it's a program from an 80s couples roller disco contest. It's growing on me alot. The skating is so good, especially compared to what we saw last week at Grand Prix Espoo. The skating itself isn't matched right now, and Chock & Bates and Gilles & Poirier have alot of catching up to do. Things shift in ice dance, and I wonder (hope) if this is the year substance is going to be rewarded over style.

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I hate the music edit repeating to fill time for both pieces, and I think the program can push out more. But it's still the best in the world easily

you are very biased against Paul and Piper for that matter lol because that is easily the best

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