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Team USA preview:

Team Canada preview:

Jackie Wong's Women's preview:


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If you are looking for Ben Agosto's posts on X (formerly Twitter), here's what he has posted in advance:
Hey Ice Dance fans, it’s almost time for the Rhythm Dance at GP of Espoo! I hope you’re all as excited as I am. I will be delayed in covering the RD as I will be at the boards with my students at the US NQS Ice Dance Finals. I will be back live with you all for the FD.[/quote)


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Wait ... so is Peacock running commentary? I've been watching on the ISU channel because I like commentary :drama: :p.


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Wait ... so is Peacock running commentary? I've been watching on the ISU channel because I like commentary :drama: :p.
They have been for the events after Skate America. I’m wondering how much of it is NBC having more control over the broadcast for SA vs the rest of the GP series.

It’s weird because the Peacock stream has two audio feeds. I’ve been able to access both and they’re both the same and have included commentary. So maybe their intention was to offer both options and it just hasn’t worked out that way. 🤷🏻‍♂️


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Some comments from participating Japanese skaters:

Mana Kawabe
(About free skate "Bolero") During the feedback after Skate America, I got an advice that (my movements) looked a little too plain. Especially because the judges watched my performance after he (she?) watched Aymoz's, he (she) thought mine looked even more plain. I will work hard on that point and try to make my performance as strong as possible in terms of expressions.

Note: Japanese sentences do not always have subject and it is not clear if the judge was male or female.

Kaori Sakamoto
This year, I want to finish "one - one," the first place in both SP and FS! I'm feeling really positive, so I want to keep going like this.

Koshiro Shimada
Due to ankle pain, I was told by coach Stéphane right after free skate at the Grand Prix de France that I should not skate until sometime Wednesday, and (I thought) it cannot be helped. We discussed that I should take a good rest for three days and then start again. As time goes by, I am getting better day by day.

Kao Miura
(Asked about Aymoz's performance)
It seems like there are always some movements between any of the jumps. In my view his programs are unbelievably fully packed. I think he is a different caliber. I am not even close to him, but a competition is a competition, so I will do my best to beat him.

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Nadiia Bashynska gives the scoop on that wacky FD warmup! (I've tried to queue it up to the spot, but if it doesn't work, go to 14:09.)

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