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Hamilton’s *********-19 vaccination program prioritizes Black and other racialized populations/people of colour ages 18+ in priority neighbourhoods

To increase vaccine accessibility to those who are disproportionately impacted by *********-19, Hamilton Public Health Services is prioritizing Black and other racialized populations/people of colour beginning with serving those ages 18+ and live in postal codes L9C, L8W, L8L, L8N and L9K for *********-19 vaccination.

While *********-19 vaccine supply is limited, it remains crucial that the limited supply is targeted to those most at-risk to make the biggest possible impact. From social and demographic data collected by Hamilton Public Health Services, nearly half of all *********-19 cases in Hamilton (47%) self-identify as a member of a racialized community but racialized people make up less than a quarter (19%) of Hamilton’s total population.

Hamilton Health Partners are working closely with Black and other racialized community leaders to determine how best to provide vaccines to community members across Hamilton. In partnership we will:

  • provide ongoing clinics in community-identified locations.
  • expand options for registration and booking to improve access, including direct booking for Hamilton *********-19 vaccine clinics through the Public Health Services *********-19 Hotline.
  • continue collaboration with community groups/leaders and community health centres to support access to clinics.
  • launch the Community Ambassadors program to build trust and confidence in the *********-19 vaccination.



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I smell a lawsuit.
I’m guessing that is why the school is doing it. If the court’s rule that a place of employment cannot demand employees not be vaccinated how can they demand employees be vaccinated? I know it makes zero sense but this is how their minds work.


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My cousin's daughter still has a lingering cough, but she is working from home, which she has done off and on over the past year. My cousin is tired, but drinking lots of coffee. She didn't say how her 5 year old grandson is, so I'm guessing he has completely recovered.


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Full provincial lockdown in Nova Scotia for the next 2 weeks.

Everything closed except for essential businesses (limited to 25% capacity), takeout, and daycares.

No indoor or outdoor gatherings. Masks mandatory in outdoors if social distancing cannot be maintained.

Here we go again...


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Oregon has 15 counties moving to extreme risk on Friday & closing indoor dining.

(Also, cases are up in the Tri-Cities in Washington State. They have a reassessment next week).

The governor says no counties will stay at extreme risk for over 3 weeks. (We'll see how that goes).

There are 740 new cases in Oregon today. 328 hospitalizations.

The South African variant was detected in the wastewater in Corvallis, which is where Oregon State University is located.

The UK variant is reportedly now the dominant strain in the state.

28,200+ vaccinations were reported today.

One interesting observation about this current wave is that the three counties with the most cases last year are not currently among those at "extreme risk" health metrics, despite the fact that all three counties share a border with a county or two that is at "extreme risk" right now. None of the three counties have high vaccination rates. (But all three likely have a higher percentage of previously infected inhabitants than most of the state). We are not yet at harvest season, when those counties bring in workers from out of the region. We'll see if those counties spike then or as natural immunity wears off, though I hope vaccinations will make a difference.


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Nine nurses and Doctors from Newfoundland have arrived in Ontario and help is also coming from the military.

A Quebec woman has died from blood clots after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. Over 400,000 doses have been given out so far in that province.


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I have a friend who permanently damaged her knee playing high school basketball. She had never wanted to play basketball in the first place. Had liked volleyball, but was pressured into playing basketball as well. In high school, the injury meant that she missed out on her senior year of volleyball. Either in college or shortly after, it meant she had to give up a nursing career. As a mom of a two-year-old, it meant getting a knee replacement.

This is always the association I make when people put their health on the line for a sport. Just . . . make sure it is really the most important thing. When people say that their kids live for sports, I always want to ask whether their kids live for this sport--this opportunity. We all know there are athletes for whom the choice to compete this year was or would have been worth it.

But a season of a high school sport that isn't what one lives for? Not worth it.

My sister also did permanent damage to her body in high school. She is a walking roadmap of injuries caused by pushing herself too hard in one physical way or another. Is she a professional athlete? Her body would never have allowed her to be. But she probably would not be a doctor if she had not ruined one of her joints in high school and the local doctor had not become one of her mentors. So there's that.


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I saw a sign on a winery door today.

********* and over zealous politicians have limited our abilities to serve everyone. :mad:

And the amount of ********* precautions varied between businesses on our travels today.


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Oregon reported 40,000+ vaccinations today:) & 888 new cases:(. The reporter in the article I read said, "Hospitalizations have doubled." Yes, well that is what happens when you have cases rising but make hospitalizations the metric that has to be met in order for restrictions to be enforced. Essentially, that means you are going to meet whatever that hospitalization metric is. At least that is what is going to happen when you still have over 50% of the population unvaccinated.

A woman I was working with today came storming into the room to tell me that we were shutting down again. My immediate thought was that the workplace itself had a case exposure so I asked her when this happened. "Yesterday," she told me and said something about the governor. At which point I realized the woman meant the counties that had been moved to extreme risk. I told her that her county hadn't been moved to extreme risk. We talked a little bit, and I said something along the lines of hopefully enough people will be vaccinated before the county has to close things again. At which point she shrugged and said, "Well, I already had it."

I take it she isn't vaccinated. Brilliant.

So she a. freaked out over something that actually wasn't happening in her county and b. isn't doing the one thing that could help make sure she doesn't need to freak out over it happening in her county in the future.



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That professional athletes can't return to their sport because they are long-haulers. And some have had to give up their careers prematurely.
Living with a long hauler, the affects are considerable. Granted she appears to be on the road to recovery, but it has been an almost 1 year ordeal. I fully understand what Jayson Tatum is going through, being a member of the home town team, I follow him closely.


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More than 1 Million vaccinations yesterday in Germany. Finally! 😍🥂
Today one of my employees and her husband will be vaccinated. I am very happy for them.

It really seems to pick up speed and also getting appointments seems to approve, my fathers siblings all got an appointment quickly when they were eligible.

I think our "first shot" statistics in Germany are a bit messed up now btw, because I read they officially count J&J vaccinations only in the "completely vaccinated" category.

I think it would be more intuitive and logical to count J&J both in "first shot" AND "completely vaccinated" :huh:
Otherwise at some point in the future there will be more completely vaccinated people than people who've received their first shot.

I think one problem in Germany is is that there is good access to vaccines among the well situated, but not in poorer communities and socially disadvantaged city districts, which are disproportionally affected by the 3rd wave though. They are thinking of sending mobile vaccination teams into such areas, I guess that might be another area for which J&J is very practical, since I'd guess it's difficult to have everybody show up a second time for such campaigns too.


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Vaccine Skepticism Was Viewed as a Knowledge Problem. It’s Actually About Gut Beliefs.

“The instinct from the medical community was, ‘If only we could educate them,’” said Dr. Saad Omer, director of the Yale Institute for Global Health, who studies vaccine skepticism. “It was patronizing and, as it turns out, not true.”

This is, IME, true of all kinds of things. It's not that people don't know things; it's that they don't accept that knowledge as truth.

This is true of everyone, not just this particular group.

“At the root are these moral intuitions — these gut feelings — and they are very strong,” said Jeff Huntsinger, a social psychologist at Loyola University Chicago who studies emotion and decision-making and collaborated with Dr. Omer’s team. “It’s very hard to override them with facts and information. You can’t reason with them in that way.”

Also true of all kinds of beliefs and also true of people in general, not just this group.


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Michigan is down to 45 cases per 100K today, per NPR. Colorado has the 2nd most cases in the country at 31 cases per 100K, and it is the only state among the current top 5 with case numbers rising. Colorado, Oregon, Washington, & Nevada have seen case numbers going up. The Northeast is dropping. Today Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Rhode Island are all down to 26 or 25 per 100K. As of today, the whole Northeast region is out of the 30s for the first time since before the winter holidays.

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