Nationals 2020/2021


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I thought most countries didn't have national championships, qualifiers, or local competitions this year, but there were actually a lot.

ANDORRA March 19-21 Nationals
AUSTRALIA NSW State Champs, SA State Champs, WA State Champs, QLD State Champs, Nat Online Events
AUSTRIA Dec 10-12 Nationals, Hippolyt Cup
BELARUS Dec 11-13 Nationals, Open Cup, Summer Cup, Ice Star
BULGARIA Feb 12-14 Nationals, Spring Star
CANADA Jan 8-17 Qualifier (Virtual Challenge)
CZECHIA Dec 10-12 Nationals, Test Skate
ESTONIA Jan 30-31 Nationals, Hotels Cup, Open Champs
FINLAND Feb 27-28 Dance Nationals, March 11-21 Singles Nationals, Qualifiers
FRANCE Feb 5-6 Senior Nationals, April 3-4 Junior Nationals, Oct 1-3 Masters
GERMANY Dec 18-19 Nationals, NRW Trophy
HUNGARY Dec 18-19 Nationals
ICELAND Jan 29-31 Nationals
ITALY Dec 11-13 Senior Nationals, April 9-11 Junior Nationals, April 17-18 Novice Nationals, Italian Grand Prix
JAPAN Oct 24-25 Novice Nationals, Nov 21-23 Junior Nationals, Dec 23-27 Senior Nationals, Qualifiers
LATVIA Nov 7-8 Volvo Cup
LITHUANIA March 6-7 Nationals, Kaunas Ice Cup
MALAYSIA Dec 12 Virtual Challenge
NETHERLANDS Feb 26-28 Challenge Cup
NEW ZEALAND Oct 24-27 Nationals, Qualifiers
NORWAY Qualifiers
POLAND Dec 10-12 Senior Nationals, Feb 5-7 Junior Nationals, Qualifiers
ROMANIA April 10-11 Nationals
RUSSIA Dec 22-27 Senior Nationals, Feb 3-5 Junior Nationals, April 1-5 Junior elder age Nationals, Qualifiers
SERBIA Dec 10-11 Nationals, Skate Helena
SINGAPORE April 3-4 Nationals
SLOVAKIA Dec 10-12 Nationals
SLOVENIA Feb 13-14 Celje Open
SOUTH AFRICA June 7-9 Nationals, Qualifiers
SOUTH KOREA Feb 24-26 Nationals, March 12-14 Ranking Competition
SPAIN March 19-21 Nationals
SWEDEN Qualifiers
TAIWAN Aug 2-3 Nationals
THAILAND Oct 9-11 Nationals
TURKEY January 30-31 Nationals
UKRAINE Feb 2-4 Junior Nationals, Feb 23-24 Senior Nationals, March 3-5 Novice Nationals
USA Dec 1-8 Qualifiers, Jan 9-21 Junior and Senior Nationals, Championship Series Juv-Nov, Club Comps
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