Mirai working to help keep her family's restaurant going


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...though I'm sorry to read that she's still dealing with hip issues.

Her need to be strong for her parents kicked in when she learned they had let go all but one employee. Through a friend of a friend, she discovered a restaurant relief initiative called the Power of 10, which launched last month in Washington, D.C., and funds restaurants so they can rehire staff and cook food for healthcare workers and others affected by the *********.

The Nagasu family’s restaurant on Tuesday became the first Los Angeles-area business to participate in the initiative, starting with a plan to cook 500 meals this week and soon double that number.

From Boston, where she has been self-isolating after consulting doctors there about a skating-related hip injury, Nagasu recruited some of her high school friends back home to help deliver the meals. “We’re excited that it’s starting in L.A. with my parents’ restaurant,” she said, “and we hope it’s an initiative that we can start to offer throughout the entire country.


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Not to be that poster, but why is this thread in the Trash Can? It’s an actual news item.


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I would love to visit her parents' restaurant whenever we can visit the US again. Where is Arcadia in LA?
It's not far from Pasadena, which I recommend if you like more historical, architecturally rich areas. Compared to much of LA County, Pasadena is more like Chicago or cities "back east" but with palm trees and more sunshine. In adjacent San Marino, there is the Huntington (library, museum, gardens), and Old Pasadena has (hopefully not past tense had) loads of great places to eat and drink.

Back to Mirai: it's great that she got her parents linked to the relief initiative.

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Here's the local news feature on Mirai and her family's restaurant which was on the 11 pm news last night:



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I'm so proud of Mirai. The way she took the initiative when her parent's restaurant business was in trouble no thanks to the ********* nightmare that we're currently living in. What a stand up daughter! 😍

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