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I have one cloth mask given to me by the school, three made by mom that don’t work great so I keep them in the car for short trips and back up, four with ties, and one with adjustable straps that I bought based on a recommendation here. I like that one enough that I’ve just bought four more. I also just bought a robotics mask.

I have to wear a clean mask all day 4 days a week.


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We have a lot of cloth masks. It was a fair amount of trial & error to find masks that work for me & my daughters (and of course you can’t return ones that don’t work). Right now, I have 8 cloth masks for myself that I rotate through.


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My health insurance carrier sent us two masks apiece and I was pleasantly surprised that they fit and are really comfortable. It is kinda funny because SO has a big head and a small beard and the mask fits him and fits my smaller face.


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One thing I have learned about masks and glasses: if it's cold out and you are exercising... FOG CITY! :lol:

It makes it hard to read the street signs when cycling but normally it warms up during the ride and then it's okay.


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I just got 10 disposable masks at Kroger - $6.99. 2 each of dark pink, lt. pink (I'll be ready for spring), mint, teal, navy. They are 3 ply and the inner "ply" is white. The pack is re-closable. They seem to be heavier than the lt. blue "medical" ones. They had packs of fabric ones, but I didn't like the color combinations. I was using their wipe to paw through them and I kept knocking them on the floor.


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I bought a 4-pack of 32 Degrees brand at Costco. I’m impressed. They’re really stretchy and shaped well at the top, and don’t leave any gaps at my cheekbones or chin. The only downside is the lack of color selection.


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Costco is requiring face shields if for "medical reasons" you can't wear masks.
And then there's this

I know i did something stupid last fault by being in a group not practicing safe masking. I know its hypocritical of me. Im living in the countdown and know it's my own damn fault. I knew better.

I know at least 4 people who now have C-19 (not in that group but they are community spread cases).

But that No Mask group were planning on a demonstration at a business that really is following the corporate policy. They are deliberately putting essential workers at risk. Im glad one if their billboards was taken down.

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So CBC (Canada) broadcast a segment of their program "Marketplace" where they tested more than 20 types of masks on the same equipment used to certify N95 masks.
The big losers were bandanas, gaiters, vented masks and 3 layer cotton masks with lower thread counts.

The big winners were disposable 3-layer masks made with non-woven polypropylene and cotton masks made from at least 600 thread count and 2 or 3 layers. The 3-layer disposables actually came back at 95% efficiency - which makes them the equivalent of N95 masks if fitted and worn properly of course, but much more comfortable.


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This is one of those risk/reward things for me.

I'll take my chances with a cloth mask rather than using any kind of disposable one. I'm responsible for enough garbage without adding disposable masks to my list of things I feel guilty about.


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I've seen 10 times in the last couple days to wear cloth masks or 3-ply surgical masks.
I got a pack of 10 (5 different solid colors) for $6.99. They also had packs of 5 black/5 white and packs of various cloth patterns. Th disposable ones are stiffer than the lt. blue ones, so the nose thing is easier to bend to a good place, and glasses don't steam up. They are wider than the lt. blue ones, so I had to do the twist on the ear loops to keep it under my chin. But they are also warmer than the lt. blue ones, which is good for the colder weather. I can't afford $7.99 for one cloth mask at CVS. I have a 30% off entire order, so I will see what colors they have. I can't wear the peach print and gray print reversible one my cousin brought me in April. The elastic is really thin and cut into the back of my ear under my glasses while I was in Kroger a couple weeks ago. I let out a "aaaa".

I only wear the disposable ones for maybe an hour off and on at a time. Drive to library, put on mask, don't even get close to anybody, get back in car, take off mask (the one I wore today was so comfortable, I actually forgot to take it off before I started the car <just took one book back while the library was closed today). Another day - drive to CVS, put on mask, the clerk is behind a plexiglass, get in car, take off mask, drive to Kroger, put on mask. I turn my head if anybody walks past me, in a mask. I'll turn down an aisle if I see anybody coming toward me without one. I put them in a separate bag when I take them off to wear again another day.


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I´m using disposable respirator masks with protection factor 10 = FFP2 (KN95 in USA, I believe?) which I buy at the local drugstore. One costs 2,80 euros (about 3 dollars?), only 2-3 needed per week. Have to be careful as because of my age I belong to risk groups.

I´ll put the mask on at home and take a bus and go to the local supermarket and come back home by bus. At home I take the mask off and put it into trashes.
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Until this morning, I hadn't been in close physical contact with anyone except my roommate and his girlfriend, who lives with us part time, since October 21. (I checked the restaurant receipt from the last time I ran in to pick up takeout.)

The mask I bought from @Theoreticalgirl -- the Esquivel pattern -- and wore today got a big thumbs up!

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these are my new favourite masks. very comfortable.


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