Mao Asada announces her retirement from competition (share your favorite memories here!)


It's time for U.S. Sectionals!
Article in Japanese with Mao's statement:

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Google translation (until a better translation can be made):
"Suddenly, I, Asada Mao, decided to finish as a figure skater. Until now, I think that I was able to skate for a long time because I had overcome many things, because there was support and support from many people. The Sochi Olympic season's world championship was finished with the best performance and results. When I finished athlete life at that time, I may have wanted to return as a player now. There were a lot of things I could not understand until I actually tried as a competitor. When I returned, I could not put out the performance I wanted and the result, I got more trouble. And after finishing the last All - Japan Championships, the goals that have supported [me] until then have disappeared and my own energy to continue as a player has also disappeared. It was such a decision, but my figure skating life has no regrets. This was a big decision for me, but I think that it is one passing point in my life. I want to find new dreams and targets in the future and keep moving forward without forgetting a smile. Everyone, thank you so much for all your support, so far."


Fortunately, Mao will continue to share her amazing talent & performance ability in shows, including her special tour, THE ICE, this summer:
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So many thank yous to Mao for all the wonderful skating she gave to us over the years!

Last year at Worlds, they added Mao to the exhibition. My sister had never seen her live and she was so thrilled to get to see her.

Glad to know she'll continue, just not compete.

ETA: a memory. I was at 2006 Skate America. Mao was that tiny young skater those days, or so it seemed. She got on the elevator with me and I was rather chagrined to discover she was actually taller than me. :lol:


I knew it was coming but I was hoping she'd make one last run for the Olympics just the same. :wuzrobbed

Mao Asada is a living legend in her sport and she will be greatly missed on competitive ice. To me she is one of the loveliest, most lyrical skaters ever to grace the ice. Her step sequences are some of the best ever. Her 3A when she hit was sublime and I am so glad she pushed the technical envelope while always retaining impeccable artistry, grace and performance quality. I wish for Mao every success in all of her future endeavors and every happiness in her life.


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(my quick and rough translation of Mao's retirement message)

It's a sudden announcement but I, Mao Asada, decided to put a period to my competitive career. I've been able to skate for a long time. I could get over lots of difficulties. I owe them to everyone who supported and rooted for me. I was able to finish the Worlds of Sochi Olys season with my best skates. If I finished my career at the time, I might have been spending time with wishing to make a comeback still now. There were lots of things that I didn't know before I actually made a comeback. After making a comeback, I was not able to reach my skates or results that I wished, and it made me feel down many times. Then, after finishing this season's Nationals, my goals that had encouraged me until the time disappeared, and I lost all my energy to continue my competitive life. Now I've come to this conclusion. I have nothing to regret about my life as a competitive skater. It was a big decision to me. But at the same time, I take it as one of pass points in my life. I wish I'll find new dreams and new goals, and keep going forward on my way, and will not forget smiling. Everyone, I'm truly gratitude for every support from you up to today.


Thank you Mao for everything you did for this sport. Your skates encouraged me when things were difficult in my life. I loved your skate so much. I'll miss you in competitions but at the same time I truly wish you'll find a new life that you'll enjoy yourself. You deserves for it. Love you.
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It's funny to think that someone with her success was given a raw deal somehow. I think the rule changes in IJS, which were for the better, mid-Olympic cycle did a lot of damage to her. Of course, if the IJS changes exposed her weaknesses, that can't be helped, but it also seemed to change back a bit for her benefit after 2010 as well but it seemed the damage had been done on her psyche as she never fully recovered from systematic changes. I still think a lot of her positive qualities were undervalued by this system. Can't help but think under the 2006 IJS or even 6.0, there would have been much closer calls between her and Yuna Kim...for better or worse.


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I can't express how much I love Mao's skating and how much of an inspiration she has been for me. I can't believe she has so much charisma and beauty in her skating to make me take such a long plane ride to see her at Ice Legends and Finlandia when I could have never even imagined going to an ice skating performance before and even to throw a teddy bear on the ice for her. I feel so fortunate that I got to meet her and see her at Ice Legends and that I got a chance to give her some things I wrote praising her performances. There are so many qualities that stand out to me: Mao's mesmerizing step sequences that seemed to get even more impressive the older she got which didn't seem possible, the best dancer and ballerina on ice with such a unique combination of subtle power, grace and flow in her skating, her incredibly picturesque spirals and spins, especially the one handed and classic Biellmann, her sit spin, fan spiral, cross grab Biellman, arabesque and frontal extensions, her triple flip and loop, triple axel and triple flip double double loop tano done with such lovely and erect posture and such gorgeous symmetrical air position. Then, there was the effect of it all combined with her overwhelming emotional expression that just made me melt and even cry many times because of its sincerity and great beauty. I am grateful that I was around at the same time as Mao and she will forever be my favorite skater. I just hope I get to see her skate in many marvelous exhibitions in the future. Thank you Mao. Your performances spoke to and opened my soul more than any other skater ever has.
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I'm happy that she seems at peace with her decision and that we fans will continue to enjoy her skating. She always was Queen of the exhibition. But wow I will miss her so much.

I only got to see her live once - back at TEB in 2005 when she beat Cohen and Arakawa for the title. She was an absolute star and even then was pretty much hounded wherever she went. She has handled herself over all these years with nothing less than the utmost class and professionalism in the face of sometimes crushing adversity.

A true legend who has given so much to figure skating. :respec: :cheer: :encore:


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:( Awww, I will miss Mao, but I am glad she will continue doing shows and performing. Her amazing Sochi free skate was the highlight of that Olympics for me. And I will be forever grateful I was able to see her skate live on several occasions competitively.

Between losing her mother, injuries, and so much press attention, it is amazing that she was able to persevere as well as she did. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us, Mao!!!

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