Major life changes since c*vid?


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I wonder how many people will come to regret this. I realize that it is annoying to impossible to WFH in some places, but there are reasons people live in cities. When this is more or less over, will they regret these moves?
I'm a big city person, and I don't like houses, so I don't understand any of them. If I won Super Bazillions Lotto, I'd buy a top floor corner apartment, the apartment on either side, and the one directly under me.

But some are close to retirement, and they've been speccing out where they want to live when they retire for a while and are cashing in now, fearing that the housing market will go down. Others are apartment renters who have wanted to own a house and some land, which is not possible in most of the city while working for my company unless they came in with money and/or have a spouse with a pile of it.

Our downtown corporate headquarter buildings are not in the worst part of the city overall, but a few blocks away, there was a shooting by the McD's, there are a lot of homeless people, some with severe psychiatric issues, on the streets, and, close by, some packed hang-out blocks where people often enough get belligerent with each other. This is a big issue for a lot of my co-workers, who would prefer to work where they feel safe. And if the company won't move to next to Microsoft on the east side, they definitely would prefer to work from home.


my hair is grey and mid chest length - I've not been to a hair stylist since March 12. I used to go every three to four weeks. It may not seem a big life change to most of you, but I've highlighted or colored my hair since I was 21.

I quit my volunteer job at church. I was there 2-3 times a week 10-4. A big life change

I havent hugged my grandchildren since March 1. For someone who saw them most weekends. Or watched them when parents went out at least 2ce a month. This is a big life change.

I would see dad for 1 hour each Sunday. Now we zoom but its not the same for him.

The holidays will be much different. I usually overdo on gifts and love watching the kids tear into the presents. We haven't discussed it, but I'm pretty sure we will do a zoom Christmas

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