Long-Term Workplace Practices and the Health Crisis


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This article is about the workplace conditions in the nursing home in Canada that saw the first Covid-19 death. It's really worth reading. What's happening now is partly because of choices that employers made in the past - in this case, outsourcing work, cutting employees' pay, and undercutting contracts for unionized workers. All in the name of making a profit.
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It provides an excellent and terrifying roadmap as to how the beer burden can spread. I'd be interested to read about how hospitals/medical clinics are handling the situation.


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I think this could change everything just the way 911 changed so much. This is bigger. For example: Will airline flights change to accommodate the need for people to be further apart? After all a vaccine is not on the way tomorrow, next week or next month. How does this affect transportation? Can we travel before there is widespread testing throughout the world? If you are headed to a skating competition and you register a fever are you sent back home? Are you quarantined? And we also apparently have a lot of asymptomatic people? So you seem just fine and you sneeze and.....there is a lot to unpack when it comes to our future.

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