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1 Evgenia MEDVEDEVA RUS 15 15 30
2 Alina ZAGITOVA RUS 15 15 30
3 Kaetlyn OSMOND CAN 15 11 26
4 Carolina KOSTNER ITA 13 13 26
5 Maria SOTSKOVA RUS 13 13 26
6 Wakaba HIGUCHI JPN 11 13 24
7 Elena RADIONOVA RUS 9 11 20
10 Polina TSURSKAYA RUS 11 X 11
11 Ashley WAGNER USA 11 X 11
17 Kaori SAKAMOTO JPN 7 X 7
18 Satoko MIYAHARA JPN 7 X 7
20 Gabrielle DALEMAN CAN 5 X 5

As it stands, Ashley Wagner (with a win) or Polina Tsurskaya (with a win or very high-scoring 2nd place) can qualify outright to the Grand Prix Final later today. If Tsurskaya finishes 2nd place (and Wagner does not win), she would need to earn 146.31 points in the free skate to pass Wakaba Higuchi on a 2nd & 3rd place tie-break. She earned 140.15 points in her free skate at NHK.

But another interesting story becomes whether Medvedeva is able to compete at the Final. If not, the first alternate obviously would be the replacement. If any of Miyahara, Sakamoto, or Daleman (the top 3 right now) wins the event and Tsurskaya or Wagner do not finish in second (in Daleman's case, Tsurskaya and Wagner both need to be 4th or lower), the winner would move up to that 7th-place position. If Tsurskaya or Wagner is the silver medalist behind any of those three, they would pass the winner in earned Grand Prix points and it wouldn't matter.

If Bradie Tennell or Serafima Sakhanovich or Karen Chen wins the event and Miyahara or Sakamoto finish 2nd and Wagner and Tsurskaya both finish off the podium, the silver medalist here would become the first alternate to the Final.

With first through eighth so close in the standings, this will be exciting.
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