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Fegan’s ballet training really shows. Can’t wait to watch him develop his skating. My kind of style!!

Sad for Strommer. Impressive speed and glorious quality. His head is getting in the way.

Haugetto ❤️ Please fix basic skating. Still very excited about his charisma. Fan fav already.

Kazanecki excellent but slower than others. Speed it up and watch out.

Shinohara good job. Still a bit gawky.

Triple axels ruled the day.

Frau Muller

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Late out of a meeting…

OH, KIRK! 😭 Great handstand at the end! 🥳

Better luck next season.

Lucius - coached by Team Malinin - really moved up to win. Tiara 2nd. Both Super!

Just watched replay of last group. A surprising end!
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How long do we have to wait for GP assignments?
Free Skate and Final Results - https://ijs.usfigureskating.org/leaderboard/results/2024/33688/SEGM006.html

116Lucius Kazanecki, North Jersey FSC564.511138.46202.97
215Taira Shinohara, Chicago FSC664.112133.97198.08
320Aleksandr Fegan, SC of New York171.005123.95194.95
419Beck Strommer, Alpine SC266.504126.78193.28
518Nicholas Brooks, All Year FSC365.813127.02192.83
614Lorenzo Elano, Skokie Valley SC762.706123.95186.65
717Kirk Haugeto, SC of New York464.617120.87185.48
812Sergei Evseev, All Year FSC960.229110.84171.06
910Vaclav Vasquez, Glacier Falls FSC1157.128112.51169.63
1013Jared Sedlis, SC of Boston861.4914101.16162.65
117Caleb Farrington, Columbia FSC (MD)1453.4511107.96161.41
126August Perthus, Glacier Falls FSC1553.2110108.12161.33
1311Jon Maravilla, Detroit SC1058.3515100.91159.26
148Marlo Rosen, DuPage FSC1353.6512102.80156.45
159Antonio Monaco, Scott Hamilton SC1254.7113101.64156.35
164Ryedin Rudedenman, All Year FSC1748.321787.45135.77
172Alek Tankovic, Atlanta FSC1944.251687.68131.93
183Alvin Luu, Broadmoor SC1846.331881.22127.55
191Ryan William Azadpour, Carousel Sherwood FSC2042.071980.61122.68
WD Luke Wang, Los Angeles FSC1649.58


Bonjour/Hi to everyone at Worlds!
Catching up now. I’ll always stan Jared Sedlis for having skated to my favorite Keane song in the SP without cover (I’ve waited nearly 20 years!) so was hoping he’d have a stronger free. :( But he didn’t give up and the program went by pretty fast for having had several falls, a good sign imo.


Bonjour/Hi to everyone at Worlds!
I really need to finally watch Your Name (way overdue!) but even without, I still loved Shinohara. The opening pass was indeed lovely. :swoon:


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I really need to finally watch Your Name (way overdue!) but even without, I still loved Shinohara. The opening pass was indeed lovely. :swoon:
do it do it

also watch Suzume which is just as beautiful in a very different way

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I thought he did great but he was upset when he got off the ice.
Re: Caleb Farrington... I read (on the reddit thread for this event) that he was fighting an upper-respiratory infection all week and I think the FS really beat him down. It probably didn't help that he was the first skater after the warm up.
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Nicolas Brooks was also in pain during the competition. He fell hard during practice and had to go to a chiropractor that same afternoon to fix his ribs as he couldn't breathe. He was on pain meds and, at some point, was thinking of WD from the short. It's too bad he was not 100% and didn't land his triple axle. But that Cowboy Bebop program is simply amazing. He used to be an ice dancer; you can see it in his performance.

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