Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Inauguration Thread


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Thank God Trump no longer has the nuclear codes.

Thank God I can sleep again.

But Lady Gaga was everything.

I have never been a big fan of the Star Spangled Banner, but she sang it so it took me back to the era it was written, the War of 1812, the last time a hostile force took over the Capitol, and Americans peered in the morning to see whether Fort Mchenry had been taken or did its flag still wave, and simultaneously recalled the Trumpists replacing the American flag with the Trump flag at the Capitol two weeks ago.

Also, I want her earbuds 😍
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President Biden is heading to The White House. With his signature this afternoon, the US will re-enter the Paris Climate Accord. President Trump withdrew from our commitments on climate back in 2017.

And President Biden will also revoke a permit for the proposed Keystone pipeline, and reverse the Trump administration’s move to allow land development at national monuments in Utah and New England.


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Pence and Harris sharing a laugh on the Capitol steps. That's Democracy.
Pence did a lot of questionable things in a terrible administration. I find his politics abhorrent. But I do wonder if his conduct over these past couple of weeks will eventually have people view him more kindly, as they now do George W. Bush. It was fundamentally decent and honorable at a time when many in his party... weren't.

I'm curious what the next chapter is for Mike and Karen Pence. I don't think he has a future in Republican politics.


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I took the day off. I knew I wouldn’t get anything done. Lol
I was pinged to join a Zoom meeting just after the ceremony was over, because I was late. I told my boss I was still crying over the inauguration. So sue me.

For a moment, I thought I was in the FSU Royals thread when I read this tweet:

I think we can all agree it is an absolutely incredible day for coats

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