ISU World Standings Have Been Updated


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At least @AngieNikodinovLove will like them. :lol:


And rightfully so. As soon as I put down my morning glass of vodka I’m going to update the Wikipedia’s with this Hard earned ranking!!!

The 2020 world silver medalist is getting her due!!!

And here is a new article on our world silver medalist...********-*********/
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In all seriousness, I hope that the ISU uses the SB list for GP assignments (assuming we have a GP series). Particularly when determining seeded skaters, the SB rankings are probably the closest to what Worlds results may have been. Obviously, there are exceptions - Med, for example - but I feel like that would be fairest to the skaters.


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Ahahahaha....this is awesome. Not really a numbers person, so have no interest in how its all calculated, just fun to see where the names are on the list according to other names.


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At a cursory glance -- if I've missed anyone, please call this out -- skaters this would have affected most are the ones who didn't get Euros/4C's points in 2020 and had a likely shot of earning enough to bring them up the WS list:
  • Bell (SB 14)
  • Chen (SB 1)
  • Uno (SB 9)
  • Aymoz (missed FS at Euros, SB 3)
  • Tanaka (SB 17)
  • Zhou (SB 23)
  • Miyahara (SB 7)
  • Ryom/Kim (not listed on the Worlds roster, but SB 21)
  • Lauriault/LeGac (SB 60, and not guaranteed a spot from WS or SB)

All but Lauriault/LeGac are safely in the Top 24 SB, so spots shouldn't be an issue. Seeding would be, though, and without knowing how many inputs there would be before championships, where earlier half/later half and getting into the penultimate and last groups is a big deal, it's hard to make any predictions.

Nazarova/Nikitin could have picked up incremental points as well, but they are SB 24, so guaranteed a spot.

The skaters for whom Worlds could have made an incremental impact towards crossing #24 on the WS list are:
  • Meite (SB 50)
  • Hocke/Kunkel (SB 31)
  • Kerry (SB 41)
Not WS-based, but it will be interesting to see who qualifies as a split couple. Scimeca Knierem/Frazier don't, because SK/K's last result in the last two years was 15th at 2018 Worlds, below the cut-off, if they don't drop 2018 out of the calculation because 2020 wasn't held. Similarly, Ilyushechkina doesn't qualify on her (non Worlds) record with Bilodeau.

This is all through the lens of the current rules/GP allocation, as if there will be a GP.

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