Insurrectionists and subversives: Trump and his supporters (Thread for all things Trump)


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You do understand that Hitler didn't start by invading other countries and murdering millions of people. If you wait until something is at the scale of the holocaust to call out the danger means you will always be too late.
:rolleyes: You do understand that I recently made this point in this very thread, right? I was specific in my comparison and its significance, and I have said that we should be vigilant.

But, calling something a Nazi salute when it isn't is not the same thing, which is how this current discussion started. IMO, if people are going to compare two things, then they should be accurate and they should explain the significance of the comparison. There may be some similarities, but if we are going to make comparisons, then be accurate and engage in critical thinking. So many people call things or people Nazi or Hitler with little or no analysis that it can sometimes trivialize Nazis and Hitler and also just makes others ignore what they are saying. Plus, unless we understand the complexities and nuances of a particular group, we cannot counter them and prevent their dangerous beliefs and actions from spreading. QAnon believers and their conspiracy theories are different in many ways from Nazis and from other right wing extremist groups. QAnon is based on a whacko theory that there are elite Satan-worshipping pedophiles in government, business and the media. Their catchphrase and the associated music and arm gesture may be evocative of the "Heil Hitler" phrase and gesture, but it is not the same.


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I wonder if people in Florida will try to lure immigrants with construction skills to help rebuild areas hit hard by Ian. It looks like there will be a high demand for laborers and construction workers there, probably for several years.
Congress could pass a bill authorizing more visas if they really believe they need immigrants to do it. But if they did it would be about importing cheaper labor not more skilled labor


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Why would the DOJ have to pay for this when Trump is the plaintiff and is obligated to pay for any expenses related to this?
The DOJ will not have to pay for this.

(Not gifted; the salient information is available elsewhere.)

Since that review is no longer delaying or diverting the criminal inquiry, it is not clear what benefits remain for Mr. Trump.

For one, a special master will cost a lot of money. Judge Cannon rejected Mr. Trump’s proposal that taxpayers should foot half the bill of the review, instead saying he would be solely responsible. That includes the full cost of a vendor who will scan all the materials, as well as support staff for Judge Dearie, like an assistant who bills $500 an hour.

If the PAC won't pay for the vendor, then Trump will have to find some other way of covering the cost. If he does not do so, then the foreseeable result will be that Judge Cannon will dismiss the case.

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Not super surprised. I've known of her as a serial cheater for almost as long as I've known of her as an unhinged white supremacist.


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There is learning from history and there is looking for history to repeat itself.
I'm not looking. It's slapping me in the face to get my attention.

I saw so many liberal columnists going "oh look Nazism" about that rally it alarmed me. Group think and failure to think. Liberals do it too.
Or maybe people look at the same thing and come to different conclusions. Nah, it must be because anyone who disagrees is an idiot who isn't thinking. :rolleyes:

Look, what some of us are trying to say is that we are on a dangerous path and we need to not minimize it which is what happens when you say "oh, it's not really like the early days of the Nazi party." Even when it is. There are many, many parallels between the two, and instead of doing something about it, people are ignoring it or throwing up their hands in defeat. Think out many lives could have been saved if people had taken steps to minimize Hilter in the early days instead of laughing at him and later ignoring him.

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I think he's probably right. But, imagine if Trump and the DOJ disagreed about the return of some of the non-classified presidential documents and Dearie ended up ruling that DOJ had to keep them and use them for now, explaining the ways in which the documents were evidence of Trump's criminal state of mind. But, I doubt Trump's attorneys would do this. The DOJ already has given Trump's attorneys copies of the potentially privileged documents and have offered to give them copies of other documents that are his personal property. The only reason they might try to make a claim of executive privilege is if they are pulling a Hail Mary and want some kind of ruling on executive privilege from the Supreme Court that might help Trump in some of the election-related cases. But, they can fight that battle in those cases.

The DOJ can't get the documents reviewed by the special master and get permission to use the remaining documents until they get a vendor. The vendors they've already talked to won't contract with Trump because they are afraid of not getting paid. So, if the DOJ is not the one who makes the initial payment, the DOJ may not get the evidence back or, at the very least, there will be more delay and more headaches while they try to find a vendor who will contract with Trump. The special master already has had to push back deadlines because of the difficulty getting a vendor.

Trump reportedly isn't the one paying the fees. A PAC is. So, I would guess the DOJ will get paid by them. If not, the DOJ will file a motion and publicly point out that Trump brought this bogus case for bogus reasons and isn't paying and Dearie will rule accordingly, once again making Trump look bad. If we're lucky, this will coincide with the New York trial where there will be proof of other financial wrongdoing by Trump. :lol:
All skate, what would I do without you? Thanks for all your inputs in this thread.

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Or maybe people look at the same thing and come to different conclusions. Nah, it must be because anyone who disagrees is an idiot who isn't thinking. :rolleyes:
Yes, it must be like "absurdity" and "strawman argument". :lol:

I wish I were as confident as some on here lmao
Just because you continuously repeat “critical thinking” doesn’t make the person you’re talking to wrong.
Nor can it lead to people thinking critically, as it turns out.
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