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When Zagitova’s freeskate first unveiled this season, there were these head scratching references to her Egyptian music until I realized that 1997-2003 is before some posters’ start to watching figure skating.

So for the younger posters’ general skating education, what are the one or two defining moments in figure skating history you’d like to share before the handoff from 6.0 to IJS?

For me, I hope everyone has absorbed this moment but I’m guessing there’s a segment of this board that isn’t exactly clear on how significant it was for Galindo to beat Eldridge for the National title:



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Ooh, I have to admit such a sucker for these. And Galindo is a good choice. :) I love everything about that moment, from program to Cinderella story reaction.

A short list ...

Rahkamo & Kokko - I know they had very memorable material, including what got them on the world podium, but nothing could ever compare to this.

Honourable dance mention: 1997 World ice dance podium FD's.

Something just really clicked with Yagudin in 1999, artistically. (minus front-loading big trucks) As a Kulik fan, I was slightly less annoyed he retired.

Speaking of, honourable mention goes to Kulik's 1998 Olympic programs. Yellow giraffe shirt included.


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Three World Championship Free Skates that changed the sport, but only one video:

1. Madge Syers, 1902 World Championships
The World Figure Skating Championships, first contested in 1896, was regarded as an all-male event since competitive skating was generally viewed as a male activity, but there was no regulation barring women, enabling Syers to enter and compete at the 1902 Championships in London. She won the silver medal behind Ulrich Salchow, who was reputedly so impressed with her challenge that he offered her his gold medal. T. D. Richardson later wrote: "Rumour, nay more than rumour – a good deal of expert opinion – thought she should have won."

Syers' entry into the World Championships prompted the ISU to discuss the subject of women competing against men at their next Congress in 1903. The concerns raised were that "(1) the dress prevents the judges from seeing the feet; (2) a judge might judge a girl to whom he was attached; and (3) it is difficult to compare women with men." The Congress voted six to three in favour of barring women from the championships.

2. Lili Kronberger, 1911
When the well-to-do Lili Kronberger of Hungary won her final of four World Championships in Vienna in 1911, she caused a stir and gained much admiration by bringing an entire military band with her to accompany her performance with a rousing rendition of "Pas De Patineurs"


Here is a recording of Pas de Patineurs. Let your imagination run wild as to what it was like to be there in Vienna on that winter day in 1911. ⛸

Janet Lynn, 1971


What happened during the Medal Ceremony

More than anything else, this one performance and its negligible effect on the Final Standings led to the institution of the Short Progran.


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