How to get rid of Twitter messages?


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My gmail keeps getting twitter messages by many celebrities. I don't remember subscribing to any of them. I don't give a hoot- for example- what Ellen DeGeneres thinks or what Larry Fitzgerald (who I like) said, and so on.

I hardly ever use my twitter account. Yet the twitter chatter keeps filling my gmail daily, and I have to keep deleting the messages.

How can I get rid of this stuff for good? Just discontinue my twitter account? That seems like the easiest solution.

Any other ideas?


It depends!
Yeah, that's a setting you can change. I'm in charge of several Twitter accounts, some which get 10-20 mentions per day, and I receive no emails because I set it that way. I only get an email when someone direct-messages me. For sure, no celebrities are direct-messaging you, because they have to follow you back to do so.

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