Have You Done Direct Mail Before (In US)?


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I'm trying to help a local small business out with their marketing. They want to do a direct mail postcard to people of specific demographics in specific zip codes. The way I used to do this for the large companies I'd worked for is that we had or purchased mailing lists, and used those for the addresses. Is that the only way to do this? Does the US Postal Service offer anything (which I can't find on their website) that helps with geotargeting - for example, all people in zip code 07009 who have an income above $75K, ages 25-65, residences only - no businesses?

The only thing I can find on the USPS website is the ability to EDDM - deliver a piece to every door on a specific postal route.

Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. I'm doing this as a volunteer for them, and my background is with the big guys, so things are different.
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