Frank Carroll interviewed on Polina Edmunds' podcast


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ICYMI, Polina Edmunds interviewed Frank Carroll, now 83(?), on her podcast:

April 12, 2022
I sit down with world famous coach Frank Carroll, who has coached many famous figure skating champions in his career. We chat about his start in skating, what he looks for in recognizing talent, parents' role in the coaching processes, training athletes with different personalities, consultant coaching, politics in skating, his thoughts on the Olympic doping scandal and the handling of it all, his thoughts on current women's skating and what needs to change in the judging system, and his favorite moment in his coaching career.

He says the 3 people he thought could be World champions the first time he saw them skate were Linda Fratianne, Christopher Bowman, and Michelle Kwan.

Around the 24 min. mark Carroll says the title of his upcoming book(!) is his favorite expression - "You and Me Against the World."

Not surprisingly, Carroll doesn't mince words about PCS scoring (starting after 48 mins.).

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I was very impressed by how classy Frank was (while still speaking his mind). He could have dished a lot of dirt (maybe that will be in his book) but he chose to take the high road. I have always been impressed by his class.


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I long for the day when we can see skaters similar to Yukina Ota, Ashley Wagner, Oksana Baiul, Shizuka Arakawa, Sasha Cohen etc with complimentary technical prowess. While I do admire the spunk of Trusova, I find that neither her Cruella or Frida for me hold a candle to Yukina Ota's 2004 SP. But say what, we're different different strokes.

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