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With so many of our sports not on I’m really enjoying the F1 this year more than ever and today so happy for Gasly winning after such a tough year. Last year he was dumped by Red Bull and earlier this year his best friend was killed in Formula 2 and today his first win. All the races interesting this year with the downfall of Ferrari.


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That race was absolutely WILD.

Happy for Gasly, but bummed out for Sainz who really deserved the win. I'd thought they changed the rule about red flags effectively being a free stop after a Monaco thriller was spoiled a few years ago. The McLarens basically got punished for stopping under the Safety Car. Ricciardo lost out too since Bottas somehow jumped him at the pitstop and then proceeded to be useless for the remaining however many laps.

I was very glad Leclerc is okay, though. That crash was seriously violent, it took my breath away.

It really is a mark against how dominant Mercedes are that the moment it was even mentioned Hamilton might be in trouble F1 fans all over the Internet exploded with excitement.

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