Finland's Valtter Virtanen, competitive figure skater and medical doctor


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ISU's interview with the five-time National Champion of Finland, Valtter Virtanen (Jan. 26, 2021):
Virtanen is still motivated to compete in Figure Skating while working as a medical doctor. “A lot of people have asked me about that and I believe there are several answers. Obviously, there is a goal like the Olympic Games that motivates me in the background. You need to have goals. Other than that I achieved everything in my career that I had wished and hoped for. But skating is a big part of my life. I just enjoy it. And I really realized that when I was done with studying and when I did not have to work so much, I am now having the best time in my whole skating career. I don’t have to work so much and I still can finance my family and myself. I have a house in Finland and our princess was born on January 5. Life is beautiful now and I can enjoy it. I have worked so hard in the past ten years to get to this point.”
Other skaters are surprised when they hear Valtter’s story and they are full of respect. “At almost each competition the others are asking me about that. Who didn’t know it yet, admires it. Those, who know me very well, sometimes think that I am crazy. It is a fun topic,” he said with a laugh.
Once he’ll stop competing, Virtanen still wants to be connected to Figure Skating. “My wife is a skating coach. She graduated with a master degree in psychology, but she wants to work as a coach. I think there is also a high risk that our daughter [born on 5 Jan. 2021] will skate. And I will stay involved, of course. Maybe I can support my wife as a coach. I’d like to pass on my experience to kids.”


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Valtter recently submitted his video for ISU to get the FS TES for Worlds. He was very happy about how the virtual competition went!
Roman Galay is dealing with back problems again, so Valtter is the only contender for the Worlds spot.


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Wishing Dr Finn good luck and welcome to Stockholm and regret I can’t be at Worlds in person although I live three miles from the arena. Bubble Worlds. I hate the *****!

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