Favorite performances of the last decade 2010/2019


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Stealing this idea from Jackie Wong Twitter where he lists in no particular order his favorite performances this past decade. I usually don't care much for those type of lists but thought it would be fun and I could discover some performances especially from 2010-2014 period which I didn't follow much. It could be just a memorable performance because of how it touched you not necessarily because it was a successful one or because it happened in a major competition.
Here are mine, in no particular order except for the first 3 :p:

Papadakis/Cizeron Mozart World 2015
Papadakis/Cizeron Build a Home Euros 2016
Papadakis/Cizeron Oddudua World 2017

Now that these outrageously biased choices are out of the way let's get down to it :D

Savchenko/Massot Terre vue du Ciel Olympic FP 2018
Yuzuru Hanuy NHK 2015 LP
Jason Brown Skate America 2016 LP
Satoko Miyahara GPF 2016 LP
Javier Fernandez World 2016 LP
Sui/Han World 2019 LP
Yuna Kim Olympic 2010 SP
Mao Asada Olympic 2014 LP
Kevin Aymoz GPF 2019 SP
Hubbell/Donohue World 2016 LP
Giada Russo European 2016 LP

And then some more most probably but for now that'll do ...
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Debbie S

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Davis/White 2014 Oly SD and FD (and their Nats performances that year, too), also their 2011 Worlds tango FD
Jason Brown Riverdance at 2014 Nats
Evan Lysacek 2010 Oly FS
Ashley Wagner 2016 Worlds FS
Kaetlyn Osmond 2018 Oly FS
Chock/Bates RD and FD at 2019 Nats (and Snake at the GPF this year!)
Adam Rippon 2016 Worlds FS
Grant Hochstein 2016 Worlds FS
Savchenko/Massot 2018 Olys FS
Sui/Han 2019 Worlds FS


Fetchez la vache... mais fetchez la vache !
Great list! The performances by Miyahara and Russo (which I saw live) would be on mine as well. I have a couple to add:

Akiko Suzuki NHK 2012 FS
Alena Leonova World 2011 FS

I would also add Gilles/Poirier Hitchcock and Hurtado/Diaz Picasso, but I don't know which specific events would be best to link for those dances.
Nice ones Akiko's FS is great and Leanova had a great personnality. As for G/P Hitchcock, how could I forget. Talking about Gilles/Poirier I'll add their FD at 2016 Worlds which was very much undermarked imo.


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My favourite performances I saw in person:

Dance CD: Domshabs, 2010 Olympics
OD: VirtueMoir, 2010 Olympics
SD: HubbellDonahue, 2016 Worlds
FD: WeaverPoje, 2018 Canadians

Men SP: Balde, 2018 Canadians
LP: Sawyer, 2011 Canadians

Ladies SP: Rochette, 2010 Olympics
LP: Pogorilaya, 2016 Worlds

Pairs SP: PingJen, 2018 GPF
LP: DuhamelRaford, 2016 Worlds


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Without any thinking I can say Kostner's both programs in Sochi and Savchenko/Massot's both programs in Pyeongchang (and also at Milan Worlds a month later).

If I actually start thinking the list will be pages and pages long. :lol:


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To add a few:

  • Carolina Kostner, Ave Maria SP, 2014 Olympics
  • Carolina Kostner, SP at 2017 Europeans
  • Patrick Chan, both SP and LP at TEB 2013 :swoon:
  • Stolbova/Klimov 2016/17 GPF LP
  • Virtue/Moir, Latin FD and Carmen (can’t name specific events)
  • Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, first 4-triple SP by a women, 2015 Worlds
  • Daisuke Takahashi, LP at 2012 Worlds
  • Sui/Han, LP at 2019 Worlds
  • Aliona Kostornaia, 2017 JGPF and 2019 GPF


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Just to add a couple mostly off the top of my head: I took a long break from skating for most of the 2010's and a lot of my favorite programs are from juniors, which surprises me - I think there is a little more freedom at the junior level before the stakes get so high in seniors.

Ilinykh/Katsalapov's RD from 2010 Junior Worlds
Kostornaia, 2018 JGPF in Vancouver short program
Shevchenko/Eremenko, 2018 JGPF in Vancouver free dance
Sinitsina/Katsalapov RD from 2019 Worlds (the tango one)
Shcherbakova's Russian Nationals Free program

I really liked Tarasova/Morozov's free last year but can't remember what their best performance of it was. I liked their Bolero from the test skates this year as well (haven't seen the Russian Nationals version yet).


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In no particular order:
D/W Olympics 2014 FD
Patrick Chan SP 2013 Worlds
V/M Olympics 2018 FD, SCI 2012 Carmen
P/C FD 2016 Worlds
Yuna Kim FS 2013 Worlds
Carolina Kostner, FS 2012 Worlds, FS 2014 Olympics
Mao Asada FS 2014 Olympics
Yuzuru Hanyu, FS 2012 Worlds, 2015 NHK FS
S/H 2017 Worlds both SP and FS
S/M Olympics 2018 FS

I know I have more, but these are the ones that came to me immediately. I might edit later to add more!


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And that was it. The best Patrick would allow himself to be.

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Tarasova and Morozov's SP at the Olympics - it was just amazing! Everything you want in a pairs program.

Sinitsina and Katsalapov's tango RD at world's last season - the choreography combined with the execution just made this program exceptional.

Shevchenko and Eremenko's free dance from last season, specifically in Ljubljana. It's so creative and innovative.

Bobrova and Soloviev's golden waltz from 2009-10 season - I can't think of a specific performance but I just LOVE this program.

Tarasova and Morozov's Lord of the Dance SP from 2016 Europeans - they performed this so well !

Also Tarasova and Morozov's whole competition at 2017 worlds, after what she went through with slicing her leg that day and everything, it was so heroic!!

Alina Zagitova's free skate at the Olympics, it was one of those moments.

Chock and Bates' free dance at 2018 worlds after the disappointment of their Olympics really moved me too.


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Akiko Suzuki anything. I mean that.

Carolina Kostner’s 2012 Worlds LP

Daisuke Takahashi’s Worlds win

Virtue/Moir’s Olympic performances (both Olympics even if I dislike their 2018 SD)

Virtue/Moir’s Worlds 2017 SD

Virtue/Moir’s GPF 2014 SD

Davis/White’s 2012 Worlds FD

Patrick Chan’s 2016 4CC

Yuzuru Hanyu’s 2014 SP

Tatsuki Machida’s 2014 Olympic SP and Worlds performance

Denis Ten’s 2013 Worlds performances, 2014 Olympic medals, and 2015 4CC LP

Nathan Chen’s 2017 Nationals gala/2019 Worlds/2019-20 GPF

Jason Brown...just Jason Brown, but especially 2016 Skate America.

Shoma Uno’s senior debut season.

Sui/Han’s 2016 Worlds SP and 2019 Worlds LP

2016 Canadian National Championships free dance competition

2016 Worlds Free Dance Competition

Seguin/Bilodeau’s 2015-16 GPF SP (got me back into pairs skating)

Tarasova/Morosov’s 2018 Olympics SP reminding me why Russian pairs skating is the best.

Mariah Bell’s 2016 Skate America LP and her Celine Dion SP

Karen Chen’s 2017 Nationals performance and 2017 Worlds LP.

Hubbell/Donohue 2016 Worlds performances

Gilles/Poirier 2014 FD to Hitchcock, 2015 Skate America FD, 2016 Worlds SD, 2018-19 Vincent FD performances.

Bobrova/Soloviev 2010 Sailors OD, 2016 Euros Anna Karenina

Guignard/Fabbri 2018-19 FD

Cappellini/Lanotte 2015-16 FD - they never looked better IMO

Chock/Bates 2019 4CC FD and 2019-20 GPF FD

Weaver/Poje 2014 Olympics and Worlds FD, 2018 Olympics SD

Entire Shibutani senior career thus far Plus
Junior 2009-2010 Japanese OD. It’s been a wild ride and worth following and stanning over.

I’m sure there are a lot more that I just don’t remember right now.


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A lot of my favorites have already been mentioned, such as:
Jason Brown 2014 Nationals lp (and a lot of other JB performances)
Shibutanis 2016 Nationals FD
Davis/White 2014 Olympics FD
Gilles/Poirier 2018/2019 Vincent FD
Kostornaia GPF performances, sp and lp
Patrick Chan in general, when he was on.
V/M 2017 worlds SD (Purple Rain)

But one I think has not been mentioned that is one of my most rewatched programs of the decade:
Davis/White 2010 Olympics OD (Bollywood)


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Patrick Chan 2016 LP FCC, 2013 SP TEB
Sui/Han LP 2019 Worlds
Shibs LP 2016 Worlds
Mao Asada 2013 LP Olympics
Honorable Mention: Nathan Chen 2019 LP GPF
What I will remember most: the blades of Patrick Chan


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In chronological order, with links for performances not yet posted:
  • Faeilla/Scali's FD at 2010 Euros - underrated program.
  • Domnina/Shabalin's CD at the 2010 Olympics - I miss CDs.
  • Brian Joubert's SP at 2010 Worlds - not a great program, but a great performance when he needed one badly.
  • Sarah Meier's FS at 2011 Euros - very few athletes get such a fairy tale ending. Her reaction to the #1 coming up makes me happy.
  • Savchenko/Szolkowy's FS at 2011 Skate America - seeing their Pina program for the first time was wow.
  • Carolina Kostner's 2011-12 SP - I thought that music would be unskateable until Kostner proved otherwise. I don't remember which performance was my favorite, so went with the GPF.
  • Daisuke Takahashi's FS at the 2012 WTT - it was fabulous and everyone there knew it.
  • Hurtado/Diaz's FD at 2014 Euros - that was not the best performance of their Picasso FD, but I was there so I'm picking it. @Aerobicidal the best one was at the Olympics.
  • Mao Asada's FS at the 2014 Olympics - the best redemption skate.
  • Carolina Kostner's FS at the 2014 Olympics - I still maintain she should have been on a different part of the podium.
  • Papadakis/Cizeron - 2015 and 2016 Worlds FDs. I remember skatak posting how special the Mozart FD was going to be after the 2014 Masters. Always trust skatak.
  • Savchenko/Massot's 2018 Olympic FS - a masterpiece and master class.
ETA: replaced the previous link for Hurtado/Diaz with the Spanish broadcast because it's only fitting.
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So so true, I've never enjoyed a competition as much as this one. All the performances were stellar and the audience fantastic. This is the only competition I have rewatched in its entirety.

You just reminded me that I forgot to add Papadakis/Cizeron’s 2016 Worlds FD, 2017 Worlds FD, and 2018-19 Grand Prix of France FD to my list.


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Thanks for reminding me. And as fantastic as this performance was, I'd have to say their 2018 Worlds FS even more so. Perfection.
For me the Olympic performance was special because how much it meant. We've seen great Olympic performances, but to produce something so spectacular at that moment... the FS at Worlds was great, but the Olympic version was unforgettable.

The Worlds version is also very difficult to find online, I guess due to copyright claims. I finally tracked it down in the full pairs event that the ISU has up.
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For me the Olympic performance was special because how much it meant. We've seen great Olympic performances, but to produce something so spectacular at that moment... the FS at Worlds was great, but the Olympic version was unforgettable.

The Worlds version is also very difficult to find online, I guess due to copyright claims. I finally tracked it down in the full pairs event that the ISU has up.
Yes, agree about the specialness of the Olympics.

I had sent this to someone at the time, so have the link handy in my texts: S/M 2018 Worlds LP


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I'm sure many have been already mentioned and there're many that I can't think of right now, but to add a few...

Savchenko/Massot's 2017 LP, 2O18 Olympic LP
Duhamel/Radford's 2016 LP (Worlds)
Carolina Kostner's 2018 SP (esp. at Worlds)
Evgenia Medvedeva's 2017 LP
Hubbel/Donohue's 2018 FD
Virtue/Moir's 2010 OD & CD, 2017 Prince SD (Worlds)
Papadakis/Cizeron's 2015 FD, 2016 SD & FD (Worlds), 2018 Moonlight Sonata (Worlds), 2019 SD & FD
Davis/White's 2010 CD
Javier Fernandez's 2017 SP (Worlds)

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