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EU Regulations on Digital Subscriptions- Important Information for Subscribers in the EU

Discussion in 'Board Business' started by SHARPIE, Jan 2, 2015.


    SHARPIE #hashtags be gone. Staff Member

    This DOES NOT affect anyone who does not reside in the EU.

    From January 1st 2015 VAT is now payable by anyone purchasing a digital subscription, this sadly includes FSU user upgrades.

    I have updated paypal so that payments made from within these countries are automatically adjusted to your own domestic rate of VAT as follows:

    Austria 20%
    Belgium 21%
    Bulgaria 20%
    Cyprus 19%
    Czech Republic 21%
    Croatia 25%
    Denmark 25%
    Estonia 20%
    Finland 24%
    France 20%
    Germany 19%
    Greece 23%
    Hungary 27%
    Ireland 23%
    Italy 22%
    Latvia 21%
    Lithuania 21%
    Luxembourg 15%
    Malta 18%
    Netherlands 21%
    Poland 23%
    Portugal 23%
    Romania 24%
    Slovakia 20%
    Slovenia 22%
    Spain 21%
    Sweden 25%
    United Kingdom 20%

    Also, you need to supply your full home address on your payments made via paypal even though I don't need to know it myself, I am afraid it is now the law. Payments made from within the EU which do not have a full address included will be refunded and any subscription will be cancelled giving you the opportunity to make another payment but with supplying the correct info. I will email anyone affected personally.

    Really sorry about this as this has just effectively made me a tax collector for the EU. Also sorry for the late notice but it's only come to my attention very recently.

    More info here:


    SHARPIE #hashtags be gone. Staff Member

    Good news for those in Hungary! Your digital subscription VAT rate reduced from 27% to 5% from January 1st. I've altered the relevant details on PayPal.