Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7


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Thanks @becca for the link to the Axios Off the Rails podcast
New Episodes are posted at the above link on Mondays.

Episode 4 - Trump Turns on Barr

Here is Episode 3 - Descent Into Madness

Episode 2 - Barbarians at the Oval

Episode 1 - A Premeditated Lie Lit The Fire

It is a very interesting series, I think.


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For those of you who are not familiar with the dynamics of an abusive relationship, the GOP talk about how the left needs to just forgive these seditionists and move on even though they (the seditionists and their enablers) haven't even admitted to the harm they have caused let alone apologized or the Left are the ones causing the problems is straight out of the Abusers Handbook.

And, yes, it's very Orwellian.


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"On Oct. 12, 2020, Fox News agreed to pay millions of dollars to the family of a murdered Democratic National Committee staff member, implicitly acknowledging what saner minds knew long ago: that the network had repeatedly hyped a false claim that the young staff member, Seth Rich, was involved in leaking D.N.C. emails during the 2016 presidential campaign. (Russian intelligence officers, in fact, had hacked and leaked the emails.)

Fox’s decision to settle with the Rich family came just before its marquee hosts, Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity, were set to be questioned under oath in the case, a potentially embarrassing moment. And Fox paid so much that the network didn’t have to apologize for the May 2017 story on FoxNews.com.

But there was one curious provision that Fox insisted on: The settlement had to be kept secret for a month — until after the Nov. 3 election. The exhausted plaintiffs agreed.

Why did Fox care about keeping the Rich settlement secret for the final month of the Trump re-election campaign?"


Thanks for posting, @Dobre, this is a really interesting article.

My guess is that Fox wanted to hush this up because once that settlement was announced, there would be a lot more investigating into Fox's evil ways and its involvement with Trump and his minions. Which could be very embarrassing right before the election. It would be like the strand that gets pulled that makes the whole ball of yarn unravel.

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