Dancing with the Stars, Season 29


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Johnny is still somewhat awkward, I thought he’d be a little more sure of himself.
Justina is drop-dead gorgeous. The dress was stunning, she absolutely glows, and that was a lovely dance. And she’s not even that big - I’ve got a good 50 pounds on her.


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Nev also got three 7s. Skai had a mistake and got three 5s.

You can text first names to 21523 to vote.


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Jesse Metcalfe 7-7-6

I'm not sure why Bruno went low. He seems to have a thing for Jesse.


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I get confused on people I don't really know (I should write it down while they are dancing), and I always jinx people, so I'll just comment that I wish they would stop dropping all that stuff all over the floor. And I didn't even notice the "audience" reactions last week. Who is in control of that? Who decides which tape to play - how hard they cheer or clap, or boo for the judges marks, from their own opinion of what the audience reaction would be?


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Dancers I want to stay around: Nev, Justina, AJ, Anne, & Johnny

Dancers who can leave anytime: Monica, Carol, Chrishell, & Kaitlyn (Charles was on this list)

I don't care either way: Jeannie, Skai, Jesse, Vernon, Nelly


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#BringBackTomBergeron . :mitchell:

Everyone seemed a bit off or nervous or something. It was a very shaky show. Carol did actually improve so I don't have a problem with Charles going first cause it was either/or anyway. Vernon, Nelly and Carol going in any order next wouldn't make a difference as to who goes next.


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I’m recording it then start watching around 9:30. That way, I can fast forward through everything except the pre-dance package, the dance, and the scores. If needed, I’ll go back to hear what Derek said. I usually finish watching near real time as there’s only 30 minutes of “show” in the 2 hours.


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General question: do the "stars" get to choose all of their music themselves? Or do the producers and/or band negotiate music choices with them?
In this Johnny Weir Q&A that happened a few days after the first show:
When it comes to the music you dance to, do you get a say?
Definitely. Before we were even announced, one of the first emails that came through was a questionnaire about what kind of music we like. They try their best to clear music that we love and then it’s just a matter of not repeating a dance. For example, I’ve already done a cha-cha, so I can’t do a cha-cha for the rest of the season now. So if one of my favorite songs is in the rhythm of a cha-cha, I can’t dance to it. And then it’s just a matter of whether Britt can choreograph to it quickly or if she likes it.
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