Communism: 100 Years of dictatorship, gulags and mass murder in the tens of millions

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You are the one who started this thread? OK. :)

I'm a Canadian, and have no moral responsibility for the actions of U.S. administrations
You are not responsible for the actions of U.S. administrations, but if you accuse communism, it is possible to say that you compare communism to democracies. You mentioned Cuba, so I felt it would be right to remember what “democratic” USA were giving Cuba (when they ruled Cuba and later) and what communists were giving Cuba (as far as I know). I mean not weapon. I mean milk for children, medicine, education. Maybe only after that democracies had to pretend that they always had been defending the idea of human rights? Communists were fighting for the rights of the working class. I think communists were fighting for human rights too (even if they didn’t use these words). I think it is a part of history, and this part had not only negative sides.

What I recommend (and will speak out about in my own capacity) for Cuba is the same thing I universally recommend for all nations: a liberalization (using the term in it's classic sense) of their society where the government is there to defend the citizen's rights.
I think it is easy to say, but not so easy to do.
I think nobody really controls the process when mass protests or a revolution start. I think it is not even about dying for freedom (or for human rights), because all the deaths can be a senseless sacrifice even if the protesters manage to hand over power to some new people. People think they try to better the situation in their country, but it doesn’t mean that they will have liberalization as a result of the regime change – even if liberalization was the goal for some of them. (I think you understand that people in a crowd have different thoughts and different goals)
You mentioned Bolsheviks, so maybe you know, that the revolution by Bolsheviks wasn’t the first revolution in Russia. Some people wanted to better the situation and started the first revolution, but they didn’t manage to control the process, so Bolsheviks made the second revolution and took the power in the country. Some random people can take the power.
Isn’t it like playing roulette? I think it is about dying for an unpredictable outcome.
Maybe rich people from some other countries think they can control protests or a revolution (spending their money for weapon or for articles in newspapers and etc.). Well, I think rich people can only partly control the situation. I also think those rich people take care about their own interests – not about the interests of people.

Have you missed all my posts in the thread about police brutality where without exception I'm critical of such behavior? Or the thread I myself started "Lunacy in the war on drugs"?
I have no time to read all the posts in all the threads. I think it’s OK that I read what I read.

Actually I don’t want to offend you. It is good that you want people to be happy. :) I just think it is not as simple as it seems to be.
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