CLIFF NOTES: 2018 Worlds Pairs SP

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Warm-Up Group 1

Warm-Up Group 2
7Tae Ok RYOM / Ju Sik KIMPRK
8Zoe JONES / Christopher BOYADJIGBR

Warm-Up Group 3
10Camille RUEST / Andrew WOLFECAN

Warm-Up Group 4
14Kyueun KIM / Alex Kang Chan KAMKOR
16Cheng PENG / Yang JINCHN

Warm-Up Group 5
20Miriam ZIEGLER / Severin KIEFERAUT

Warm-Up Group 6
21Valentina MARCHEI / Ondrej HOTAREKITA
22Julianne SEGUIN / Charlie BILODEAUCAN
23Xiaoyu YU / Hao ZHANGCHN

Warm-Up Group 7
25Evgenia TARASOVA / Vladimir MOROZOVRUS
27Natalia ZABIIAKO / Alexander ENBERTRUS
28Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRESFRA
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[very limited pbp avail this group!]

Elizaveta KASHITSYNA / Mark MAGYAR HUN - The Deer
my little pony: team magyar has nice music

Braulio: Poor guys really struggling
at least the sbs splats were very in synch

mpal2: She looks 7 compared to his 30 years old. :shuffle:

Kateri: Why would you *fade out* your music in a skating programme?

Paige CONNERS / Evgeni KRASNOPOLSKI ISR - Ghost the Musical
avivadawn: Israelis look like they're rushing this.
Holy low death spiral position Paige! :)

Deanna STELLATO / Nathan BARTHOLOMAY USA - Hallelujah (Cohen)[Canadian Tenors]
Kateri: Every time I think there can't be a worse version of Hallelujah... :yikes:

rfisher: I am so proud of Deanna and Nate major :respec: I hope she feels coming back after all those years was worth it.

SmallFairy: Great skate! Go geriatric season :cheer:

clairecloutier: I'm really happy that Deanna/Nate had such a solid skate and got a season's-best in their Worlds debut. They had to fight for some things in the program, but they kept the performance level high and ended strongly. Great showing for them, especially considering they came in as alternates. It may not be enough for the free skate, hard to say just yet, but it was a solid effort.

Annika HOCKE / Ruben BLOMMAERT GER - Big Spender
libecha: Ruben has gotten REALLY close to the boards a few times.

Rukia: Nice view of her wedgie during the FUN LAUGHS GOOD TIME part

Kateri: The disjunct between the gloriously predatory, reptilian, uncomfortable scene with this song in the original film and these two's happy smiley presentation is what makes this programme such fun for me, honestly.

SmallFairy: One more great skate! Bodes well for the competition. They are fun, I really like them, she so enjoys it out there.
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[very limited pbp avail this group!]

PRlady: Vanessa and Morgan are skating at 11:40 PM my time. Oh boy, this is going to be a long night.
Zemgirl: Too hot for primetime.

Anna DUSKOVA / Martin BIDAR CZE - LA 40 (Mozart Tango Players)
Braulio: What a great butt from Bidar
The twist was almost a lateral. Clean jumps
Nice to have them here after the injuries and all that happened

Andrey aka Pushkin: Anna's rose :blah: Amateurs! Kustarova would put it on to her butt.
The Czech puppies are amazing. I fully expect them to dominate the European circuit soon. Fingers crossed.

PRlady: Very nice from the Czechs! Their elements have really improved. However, she has broken ISU rule #476897. No nail polish? :drama:

Ioulia CHTCHETININA / Mikhail AKULOV SUI - One More Light (Linkin Park)
Andrey aka Pushkin: Schetinina/Akulov look like actual skaters for the first 30 seconds.or so

Rukia: This is so sad montage in an indie film music

Braulio: Swiss couple landing (barely) stuff, not bad! Though we know this pairing will never get to the Olympics

Andrey aka Pushkin: Aaah they are so happy:) It's nice when the goal is not to get killed during the twist

Tae Ok RYOM / Ju Sik KIM PRK - A Day in the Life (Beatles)[Jeff Beck]
Andrey aka Pushkin: PKR is on the ice, but no cheering squad. I'm wuzrobbed!
I wonder if someone told them the lyrics are allowed now.
Rukia: Lyrics puts dissenting ideas into people's heads so that's a big no

Andrey aka Pushkin: His edges on the steps seq are a lot to be desired.
I will voice an unpopualr option. They are a good solid couple. But the only reason people get so excited about them is the nationality. There's nothing exceptional about them.

Rukia: Well, I think that she's a far superior skater to him, and I mostly cheer for her.

SmallFairy: I agree about his edges. And that they are good and solid. But she really has something special. She sparkles out there. I would love no matter nationality. Looking forward to see them develop further next season.

PRlady: I'm sure the irony of the North Koreans skating to a song that ends with a nuclear explosion has been noted before.

Zoe JONES / Christopher BOYADJI GBR - It's a Man's World
Andrey aka Pushkin: Yay, goooooo the reason Aliona is not the oldest lady of the competition :cheer2:
SmallFairy: I remember Zoe from some Euros, I think it was Vienna 2000? That's 18 years ago. Respect:respec:

Rukia: That was a lot of build up for a really rough twist

libecha: This looks really weird to me, they are practically the same size.

Andrey aka Pushkin: Well say what you want , the Brits are not bad :)
Especially given that she's 87 and skates pairs for two years after not skating for 14.
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[very limited pbp avail this group!]

oleada: I don’t expect any of the next 6 teams to make it to the LP...

Ka3sha: It’s a pity that only 16 pairs qualify for the long :(
Level of pair skating has increased a lot in last few years, come on, ISU, we need more pairs in the long :kickass:

fan: Anyone know if Kam and Wolfe got their own skates? Or will they need to compete in the new, unbroken-in ones?
cocotaffy: It seems so per Jackie Wong [competing in brand new skates]

rfisher: How many countries has Souza-Kordeiru skated for now? He and Tobias should form some kind of club.

Lola ESBRAT / Andrei NOVOSELOV FRA - Lady Caliph Movie Soundtrack
Andrey aka Pushkin: I hope France didn't pay for Novoselov.too much, because they should demand the money back. They are actually worse than Zoe and Schetinina

SmallFairy: Well, last chance of finally landing the 3loop sbs this season. Didn't work out:(

BittyBug: These two have some lovely qualities to their basic skating but La Califfa was such an iconic program for Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze that it invites comparison to the detriment of E&N.

Camille RUEST / Andrew WOLFE CAN - Oblivion (Piazzolla)
pat c: I hate to snark, but this is the dirgiest version of this music I have ever heard. Ruest & Wolfe, skate to something different next year.

Rafter: They don’t look close to a 3twist. And she can’t land a SBS jump. He’s so good though. I wonder if he’ll end up looking for a different partner.

Rukia: Very slow going into that throw. The problem with such driving music is that you can't slow down or you really look like you're dragging [not sure if this is about R/W or S/K]

Miu SUZAKI / Ryuichi KIHARA JPN - Yuri on Ice Movie Soundtrack
rfisher: Kihara has really come a long way as a pair skater. Japan has a good crop of ladies, not all of whom are going to make it to the few spots available for worlds or the Olympics. They just need to convince one of them to be his partner.

Lana PETRANOVIC / Antonio SOUZA-KORDEIRU CRO - Strange Birds (Birdy)
Hanna: Seriously, where did the Croatians learn that twist? :respec:

cocotaffy: Some of those spin positions are really awkward not to say downright ugly looking like a dog popping in the streets ugly.

SmallFairy: i want them to make the FS for the cheerleader outfit alone. Of course they won't.
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[limited pbp avail this group!]

Kateri: Really hope Peng/Jin have a better skate than last time, and make the free! (Wonder why China didn't send a third pair after S/H withdrew. I didn't think it was all that late they announced it?)

cocotaffy: Peng/Jin went back to their last year's SP which I really enjoyed. Let's hope it'll bring them better luck. Cheekiness fits them.

oleada: Alex Kam had the best hobbies in his bio! :rofl: “eating burritos, taking Costco samples, humming”

Laura BARQUERO / Aritz MAESTU ESP - Ghost Musical
Elisheba: Not another Ghost.

Braulio: My god! I'm amazed with Laura & Aritz, each competition getting better and better! A dream season debut for them! were not even a couple a year ago!

Rukia: Oh, my partner, your skaaaating,
is making me want to put
my profile
up on IPSssssssss

cocotaffy: Nice one from the spanish team even though they deserve spunkier music. She looks like a little firecracker so no more dreary music please.

Hanna: Spanish team fab :cheer: She's obviously done her ballet training, beautiful.

Braulio: What a shame the death spiral level 1! Still a 34.50 TES mark. Keep working guys, make the spiral a level 3 and next season you will be skating the free!!

Kyueun KIM / Alex Kang Chan KAM KOR - Historia de un Amor
vesperholly: Someone replied on Twitter: "As someone breaking in skates right now, let me just scream in sympathy. Wishing them all the best." SAME. :scream:

rfisher: ((((Koreans)))) but they did what they could under the circumstances. Yea for the Czechs. :shuffle:

Kristina ASTAKHOVA / Alexei ROGONOV RUS - Adagio for Strings/Requiem in D Minor (Mozart)/Carmina Burana (Orff)
Kateri: C'mon A/R, goth trash represent!! either there is an owl in the arena, or someone is howling in the audience each time they complete an element? (Fedor, is that you?)

Rukia: This music is so weird ahahaha
Wyliefan: Have they been skating to whispery Carmina Burana all season and I just blocked it out? :scream:
cocotaffy: Why so angryyyyyy ??? Cackling at those arm movements during the step sequence.

alchemy void:
3sals good
3tw fine
th3f solid
Astakhova is much more convincing when she’s not trying to do perk. Very good skate for them, probably their best this season.

Hanna: A/R very good, loved the attack! :kickass: Just annoyed that they would end such a good program that had good energy with a spin, blah.

Cheng PENG / Yang JIN CHN - My Drag
Kateri: omg Peng's short 'do is adorable! :love:

cocotaffy: yesssssssssss they did it so happy for the leftovers :cheer2:

alchemy void:
3toes good
th3r good
3tw fantastic
Great skate! Better wow elements than A/R like the twist and throw, but not as good in between the elements. I appreciated some of the WTF choreography too. :respec:

PRlady: Aw, more redemption. Good for them. Someday someone explain what that program was about!
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misskarne: Are we looking at the cut potentially being at around 65?! That's BRUTAL.

Ekaterina ALEXANDROVSKAYA / Harley WINDSOR AUS - Paint it Black (Rolling Stones)
Kateri: A/W looking more relaxed and focused than they did at the Olys. Nice! I only saw a wobbly landing on the Th3F. Should be 3rd? (edit: 5th!)

alchemy void:
3tw4 good
3toes excellent
th3f landed but quite shaky
I hate pairs spins
Good job! I like this version of Paint it Black. :shuffle:

misskarne: her in black dress with grey ribbon-style top, him in matching black and grey shirt
3Tw great!
SBS 3T perfect!
upsy, very nice
Th3F great save!
FIDs good!
CoSp good!

Vagabond: More Latin music composed by Miguelito Jagger.

cocotaffy: Rogonov and partner did the angsty/emo theme better but at least they landed their elements, redemption skate for them too.

Alexa SCIMECA KNIERIM / Chris KNIERIM USA - Moulin Rouge Movie Soundtrack
Wyliefan: Yay, the Knierims landed stuff! Good job! :respec: Wonky lift dismount, but otherwise good! Oops, somebody's bleeding?

misskarne: her in pinkish beige dress covered in darker stones and belt, him in blue shirt and blue pants
3S wobbly
upsy with messy dismount

alchemy void:
3tw3 fantastic
3sals landed! :eek:
pairs speed, best one I’ve seen so far, fast
th3f big! gorgeous
footwork to a bunch of nothing music
struggled a bit lift dismount, just a slight little bobble
Some world-class elements in there! I don’t like the program, but who cares.

cocotaffy: No Disney ending for them but did they culminate a bit early looked awkward. First time I see skaters finish before the music.

Wyliefan: She whacked him on the way down again? Didn't they do that at the Olympics too? Yep, she's saying "I got the other eyebrow." :lol:

Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS / Michael MARINARO CAN - Sweet Dreams
alchemy void: Sorry MTM, this cover is unforgivable. :scream:

misskarne: her in red dress with deep vee front and loads of sparkles, him in black shirt with red cuffs and collar and deep vee, and black pants
3Tw a bit low!
SBS 3T, he hangs on
upsy, very good

alchemy void:
3tw low but fine
th3r very good, good speed and attack
3toes landed
Secure lifts for a change, cool dismounts
They have improved a ton this season....get them good music next season please!

PRlady: I lost sight of it with the partner switch and the perk, but Kirstin is actually one hellava pairs skater.

Habs: Does KMT have an injury?

Miriam ZIEGLER / Severin KIEFER AUT - Sunshine on Leith Movie Soundtrack - yes it's 500 miles......
Wyliefan: It's Weird Cover Day at Worlds.

danafan: I really want the Austrians to qualify for the free. If nothing else but the kiss-n-cry reaction because they haven't made it yet - two Olympics and four trips to worlds and no "Q".

alchemy void:
3tw crashy
3toes good but too far apart
th3f clean
Good energetic step sequence :)
Awwwwww that was totally adorable! PLEASE let them qualify?

misskarne: her in maroon and yellow dress with sparkles, him in white shirt with red trim, black pants
upsy good
Great job!

CassAgain: Oh my, they might actually qualify, and I am tearing up a little. Great job, Mir and Sev!

Doggygirl: Love the knc void when Z/K finally realized they "Q'd" :cheer: :cheer:
danafan: Aww a delayed reaction. I don't think they thought they had done it! So happy!
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Erin: So what happened to KMT for those of us that are stuck at work and can't watch?
Habs: Nothing specific, but I thought she looked pained/concerned when they finished, and she pulled her skates off in the K&C almost instantly.

Valentina MARCHEI / Ondrej HOTAREK ITA - Tu vuo fa L'Americano (Carosone)
rfisher: Come on crowd. Cheer Marchei/Hoterek on to a podium. You did it for Kostner.

SmallFairy: Vale seems serious. Too serious.... hope she's not too taken with the moment....

alchemy void:
3s great
3tw3 very shaky dismount
th3f stepout
my favorite footwork sequence of the season :respec:
TES is strong (37) considering two errors!

miffy: So sad for Valentina :(

PRlady: That was some home cookin' given the errors. Should have been in fifth.

Julianne SEGUIN / Charlie BILODEAU CAN - Everybody Wants to Rule the World [Lorde]
cocotaffy: Crappy crap :gallopin1
umronnie: I rather doubt they will rule the world
Kateri: S/B having a rough day. :( Very rough. Not qualifying.

alchemy void:
3tw3 very shaky dismount
3s she falls
th3f fall
Disasterous performance aside, I really think MTM should be able to overtake these two and be Canada #1 next season.

pat c: Not a good skate for Seguin/Bilodeau. I think she'd better heal herself, she's got to be taking cortisteroids. Certainly looks like it. (I could be wrong........but there is something going on).

Kateri: Uuuuugh, I was regretting that the German #2s had missed the free, as their Romeo/Juliet is actually lovely, but I didn't want S/B to throw themselves on their swords for them!

Braulio: 55.68
16th place
Cherub721: Behind Croatia:eek:

Xiaoyu YU / Hao ZHANG CHN - Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)
alchemy void:
3t very good
3tw4 stunning
th3r hands down
They only lost a point of GOE on the throw and all the other elements were of stunning quality. :swoon: This is a fantastic vehicle for these two.

PRlady: I'm amazed that either I've gotten over the horrible enforced split or they are actually good together.

alchemy void: Only fourth? I thought they would lead. Looks like TES did drop almost 2 points.

rfisher: Behind the Leftovers! I hope they are back stage laughing their asses off.

PRlady: Yikes. The top four are basically tied!

Nicole DELLA MONICA / Matteo GUARISE ITA - Magnificat (Mina)
SkateFanBerlin: Fingernails matching underskirt

miffy: The 2nd Italian pair still bore me... sorry.... :slinkaway

alchemy void:
3s good
3tw4 very good
th3r low landing but clean!
They killed it! 39.16 TES!
Can this go first!!?? :eek:


Doggygirl: No way was Della Monica going to let some Russian pair girls come to Italy and have the biggest wedgies. :drama: :eek: Good for them having such a good skate in front of the home crowd! :cheer:

cocotaffy: They broke the 71 curse. Magnificat power :40beers:
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Hanna: I wonder if all these people watching here know they're in the presence of a legend. :drama: And appreciate it enough.

Evgenia TARASOVA / Vladimir MOROZOV RUS - Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov)
Rukia: I feel like their short is peak classical Russian while their long is peak trashy Russian

alchemy void: the effortless speed they gain is just :eek:
3tw4 stunning, perfect
3t great
th3r great
pair spin meh
the recording of this music sounds worse than usual :scream:
love ending with the footwork
Individual elements were all of extremely high quality and the clarity and speed in between was just as good. :respec:

PRlady: Well that blew everybody out of the water. They really are a great team, and even with generic Rach choreo they're fine. I want to kidnap them to the right coach and choreographer for their sake.

alchemy void: that throw loop is insane on replay :eek: :eek:

Aljona SAVCHENKO / Bruno MASSOT GER - That Man [Caro Emerald]
Rukia: Olympic champs don't want to let this one slip away
Wyliefan: BOY, can she fight for a throw! :respec:
floridaice: Bruno signing along!!

alchemy void:
3tw4 perfect, stunning
3s clean!
th3f holy save!
footwork FANTASTIC
:glamor::glamor::glamor::glamor: :rockstar: :rockstar: :kickass:

Hanna: QUEEN :cheer: LEGEND :cheer:
Have I ever mentioned how much I love that program? :p We basically just had a 3-minute clap, scream and dance party! :cheer2:
Honestly, Aliona looks like she came to Worlds just to have fun. :lol: I don't think she's even been training that much.

Rukia: Haha Bruno's knc dancing is the best

Natalia ZABIIAKO / Alexander ENBERT RUS - Summer of 42 Movie Soundtrack
PRlady: Cigarette break.

alchemy void: Z/E
twist fine
3toes she turned out
nice throw
Clearly I was really engaged. :p

Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRES FRA - Make it Rain [Ed Fecking Sheeran :mad: ]
floridaice: So hot they have to skate last. The ice will be melting...

Rukia: They were flying into that sal and then she just kind of flew out of the landing as well

alchemy void:
3tw4 good
3s she steps out :lynch:
th3f slight foot down
Good but not close to their best. Disappointing.

Aerobicidal: I've been trying to love J/C, who skate to music I can't stand for every program I can remember, and I still almost love them, but I'm starting to lose patience for a bunch of reasons. Maybe they need a "Candyman" program next season so I can reset my expectations.

PRlady: Oh, feck. So much to love and just too sloppy on the elements. I'm betting sixth.
Rukia: Hahahaha their reactions to that score
alchemy void: Vanessa and Morgan literally thanking the judges in the K&C for that score :rofl:
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Segment Result Details
1 Q Aljona SAVCHENKO / Bruno MASSOT GER 82.98 44.14 38.84 9.61 9.61 9.75 9.79 9.79 0.00#26
2 Q Evgenia TARASOVA / Vladimir MOROZOV RUS 81.29 43.66 37.63 9.46 9.25 9.54 9.46 9.32 0.00#25
3 Q Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRES FRA 75.32 39.23 36.09 9.04 9.00 8.96 9.11 9.00 0.00#28
4 Q Natalia ZABIIAKO / Alexander ENBERT RUS 74.38 39.03 35.35 8.96 8.57 8.96 8.86 8.82 0.00#27
5 Q Nicole DELLA MONICA / Matteo GUARISE ITA 72.53 38.29 34.24 8.46 8.36 8.79 8.57 8.61 0.00#24
6 Q Cheng PENG / Yang JIN CHN 71.98 38.76 33.22 8.21 8.00 8.46 8.46 8.39 0.00#16
7 Q Kristina ASTAKHOVA / Alexei ROGONOV RUS 71.62 39.53 32.09 8.04 7.79 8.21 8.04 8.04 0.00#15
8 Q Valentina MARCHEI / Ondrej HOTAREK ITA 71.37 36.97 34.40 8.43 8.36 8.57 8.75 8.89 0.00#21
9 Q Xiaoyu YU / Hao ZHANG CHN 71.31 37.80 33.51 8.50 8.32 8.39 8.39 8.29 0.00#23
10 Q Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS / Michael MARINARO CAN 70.49 37.80 32.69 8.04 8.07 8.32 8.21 8.21 0.00#19
11 Q Alexa SCIMECA KNIERIM / Chris KNIERIM USA 69.55 37.77 31.78 8.00 7.82 8.04 8.00 7.86 0.00#18
12 Q Tae Ok RYOM / Ju Sik KIM PRK 66.32 36.50 29.82 7.43 7.25 7.68 7.39 7.54 0.00#7
13 Q Anna DUSKOVA / Martin BIDAR CZE 66.29 37.35 28.94 7.257.11 7.39 7.18 7.25 0.00#5
14 Q Miriam ZIEGLER / Severin KIEFER AUT 65.21 35.16 30.05 7.39 7.32 7.71 7.46 7.68 0.00#20
15 Q Ekaterina ALEXANDROVSKAYA / Harley WINDSOR AUS 65.02 36.37 28.65 7.39 6.89 7.21 7.29 7.04 0.00#17
16 Q Annika HOCKE / Ruben BLOMMAERT GER 63.26 34.64 28.62 7.18 7.00 7.21 7.21 7.18 0.00#4

17 Deanna STELLATO / Nathan BARTHOLOMAY USA 61.48 33.11 28.37 7.14 6.86 7.18 7.11 7.18 0.00#3
18 Camille RUEST / Andrew WOLFE CAN 59.98 31.89 28.09 7.11 6.96 6.89 7.04 7.11 0.00#10
19 Paige CONNERS / Evgeni KRASNOPOLSKI ISR 58.44 33.07 25.37 6.39 6.11 6.46 6.36 6.39 0.00#2
20 Laura BARQUERO / Aritz MAESTU ESP 58.36 31.73 26.63 6.61 6.46 6.82 6.71 6.68 0.00#13
21 Lana PETRANOVIC / Antonio SOUZA-KORDEIRU CRO 57.25 32.39 24.86 6.36 6.04 6.25 6.25 6.18 0.00#12
22 Julianne SEGUIN / Charlie BILODEAU CAN 55.68 27.63 30.05 7.71 7.61 7.18 7.68 7.39 2.00#22
23 Ioulia CHTCHETININA / Mikhail AKULOV SUI 53.62 29.14 24.48 6.18 5.96 6.14 6.21 6.11 0.00#6
24 Miu SUZAKI / Ryuichi KIHARA JPN 53.33 27.53 25.80 6.506.366.396.576.430.00#11
25 Lola ESBRAT / Andrei NOVOSELOV FRA 51.94 27.99 25.95 6.57 6.39 6.29 6.57 6.61 2.00#9
26 Kyueun KIM / Alex Kang Chan KAM KOR 42.85 19.46 24.39 6.18 6.00 5.96 6.18 6.18 1.00#14
27 Zoe JONES / Christopher BOYADJI GBR 42.02 20.88 22.14 5.64 5.43 5.29 5.75 5.57 1.00#8
28 Elizaveta KASHITSYNA / Mark MAGYAR HUN 36.33 20.58 18.75 4.96 4.61 4.43 4.82 4.61 3.00#1
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