CLIFF NOTES: 2018 Worlds Mens SP

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Start order:

2 Brendan KERRY AUS
3 Javier RAYA ESP

Warm-Up Group 2
6 Phillip HARRIS GBR
9 Julian Zhi Jie YEE MAS
10 Jinseo KIM KOR

Warm-Up Group 3
12 Kazuki TOMONO JPN
14 Nicholas VRDOLJAK CRO

Warm-Up Group 4
18 Stephane WALKER SUI

Warm-Up Group 5
23 Matteo RIZZO ITA
24 Alexander MAJOROV SWE

Warm-Up Group 6
27 Vincent ZHOU USA
31 Misha GE UZB

Warm-Up Group 7
32 Mikhail KOLYADA RUS
34 Nathan CHEN USA
35 Dmitri ALIEV RUS
36 Boyang JIN CHN
37 Shoma UNO JPN
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Finnice: The news is that Shoma has an ankle injury. He will skate, but..

Slavik HAYRAPETYAN ARM - Strangers in the Night
TAHbKA: Something fell on the ice during Slavik's skate. We were wonderin whether the judges will stop him
3A clean
3lz step out
3s/3t the 3s was huge
He is quite fast across the ice, the posture is a nightmare.
Am super impressed - the guy opened the competition with the clean 3a and that at 10 am!

SmallFairy: Slavik is such a gem to start with. His program always makes me go du-bi-du-bi-du for the rest of the day, and it's ten in the morning here:D He also provides the first hand-in-pocket choreo of the day, and skates to the real Frank, not some louse Bublè, and for that he gets loads of cred! Nice 3a too.

Brendan KERRY AUS - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
hope he rules the world a bit better than the Canadian pair. I mean they ruled out of the LP
Morozov in da house and also wants to rule the world.
Half an hour set up for a 4t and think it was a hand down
3z3t seemed very careful and very textbook
3a step out and a very low leg landing, quite Fernandezque
Steps and that's where Morozov is more fun to watch than Kerry
He is very careful and not too fast. The last spin travelled a bit.
Great skate:)

misskarne: in royal blue shirt with sparkles, black pants
4T hangs on!
3Lz-3T great!
3A step out dammit!
Oooooooooooh that 3A step out! Not as good as the Olympics but still awesome!

Javier RAYA ESP - Pure Imagination
TAHbKA:The wrong Javi
It's nice the Spanish fans don't have to change the banners
He is a gliding god. Seriously. Go to the ice dance dude.
3a ur, df, fall, you name it.
@Finnice says the 3a was a `pure imagination'
3f ur step out and again, you name it
3z fall
well... guess we only get one Spanish guy next year.
The posture, the gliding are to die for. Why can't he land a jump??? He pretty much skates the music - the one of the not so many that you can put any music in the background and it would be fine... bug jumps...

misskarne: in all black with fishnet sleeves
3A<< fall
what is this, punk rock pure imagination?
3F step out
3Lz< fall + COMBO

TAHbKA: (judges secret compouter) Javier 3a<< 3f fcso4 3z+combo stsq2 csso4 cciso3

Catherine M: That was just brutal by Raya. Way too slllloooooooooowwwwwww music and way too depressing

Burak DEMIRBOGA TUR - Another Love
SmallFairy: Demirboga seems to have ditched the green hair for good.

he looks like any NA skater kind of meh... nothing to remember.
The 'emotions' are not reaching the 2nd row. For now at least. May be he'll project some once the jumps are over
His giding is relaly bad after Javier.
The spins are panfully slow, so is his skating.

misskarne: in black coat covered in sparkles over white shirt, black gloves, black pants
3A wow that was nice
3Lz-3T whoa that was nice!
I swear I don't recall seeing this guy before but he's really good
3F nice!

TAHbKA: judges secret computer for Demirboga
3a 8.5
3z3t 9.7
cssp3 2.96
3f 5.93
fcsp3 2.8
stsq3 3.44
ccosp3 3.21

Chih-I TSAO TPE - Je Suis Malade
Aussie Willy: How many skaters are doing this Malade music? #thenewMuse

TAHbKA: @skatak says it's the original version of Je sui malade
3a - he practically stopped before the jump and a fall. I wonder whether it's possible to land a 3A from a full stop.
3f3t super careful
He is much slower than all the previous guys so far and dear god, the music is WAY too loud.
3z to finish. Covered lots of ice, not much high though

misskarne: in grey-white ombre tunic with sparkles, black pants
3A<< fall
nice recovery!

Catherine M: Not bad for a first group--the only one who who I didn't enjoy was Raya and that was mainly cause his music was so awful. And he missed all his jumps

Andrey aka Pushkin: And now for 2 groups of totally unwatchable skaters.
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TAHbKA: Weird seeing a doctor on the ice rather than off the ice. Harriss' skating skills are by far the worst in this group. Yee is a decent dancer:) Am not sure about the jumper, but the guy moves right to the music:)

Phillip HARRIS GBR - Dig Down [Muse]
Andrey aka Pushkin: I suppose this sp will get the Toth Award for the least snoozy music choice. Quite fantastic choreo. Too bad Philip is the skater who does it.

TAHbKA: The obligatory British music for a Brit.
3a am not sure how but he landed.
His toes pointing is as good as Van Den Perren's
Surprisingly he is very fast.
3f3t step out on a 3t
He seems to be very strong - the speed is not thanks to the skating skills. If anything - despite
He manages to hit the accents of the music (taking the volume in the arena the bits hit you on your head whether you want it or not)
Ah, the almost dislocated elbow spin

Romain PONSART FRA - La Hymne a l'amour
Andrey aka Pushkin: And now to answer a question whether it is possible to be French, not voidy and unharismatic.

TAHbKA: he first guy of today with a R&J costume who is not even skating to that. But still, the first guy today to remind us that figure skating is about classics, sparkles and ballet. Not
4t to start. That was not expected.
his rotations in the air are so slow it looks amazing - he just hangs up there in the air and lazily spins.
I feel like I landed in the deep 90s with this programme
good boy!
Now the british eurosport commentators would say that he is selling the programme, only that he is not. There are a lot of hectic moves and a general feeling he'd rather be ust about anywhere and skate to just about anything.

JoannaLouise: Ponsart's footwork is soooo angsty, and I kind of love it.

Aussie Willy: French guy done jumps. But I miss the voidy French skaters of the past.

Valtter VIRTANEN FIN - Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles)
Finnice: I am not even nervous for Dr.V. No way he will make the cut.

4t df and fall
3f3t the 3t ur and hand down
2a to finish this torture
I like the guy's accomplishments (being a doctor) and the fact he is a Finn is a bonus, but god, he is boring

Aussie Willy: Valter should be skating to Robert Palmer Dr Dr

Julian Zhi Jie YEE MAS - To Build a Home
Andrey aka Pushkin: P/C music. A lambielesque axel to start. This not fake Malaysian guy is lovely. Which is nothing new but still.

TAHbKA: he was dancing so nicely during the warm up - perhaps a fast music for him next year? Is it the same stuff Savchenko was skating to last year?
3a a Fernandezque exit, but landed
the spin took forever
I would expect a speed skater to skate faster. Guess wrong blades?
the audience almost orgazmed. Am not sure what dod I miss. Seemed quite allright to me...
Yet another skater with a costume `I was walking by, so I stopped. The generic black trousers with pockets sticking out and a belt that am not sure is helping him skate.

npavel: It’s Rippons music, very difficult to bring out like him, but vell done
Domshabfan: Aliev's LP music... loved Julian's program and skate.

Jinseo KIM KOR - Need You Now (Kim)
TAHbKA: seriously??? moonlight?
missed the combo
1A an ooooooh around the arena
and all of the sudden to the 3rd part of the moonlight sonata. Will anyone ever dare to skate to the 2nd part?

npavel: I don’t know how he got the jumps on his feet (the once he actually did, not the botched one), but so much potential. I think we will see him around
Andrey aka Pushkin: I see the potential in Kim, but thus far he just doesn't have the voids or something special in him.

Catherine M: Kim's waxel will keep him from getting the Q
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TAHbKA: Globalization = a Ukranian guy skating for Poland coached by an Italian...

Andrey aka Pushkin: Seemingly the highlight of this group is expected to be the 40 y.o Rakhimgaliev in a Hugh Hefner bathrobe.

TAHbKA: The Japanese guy keeps falling on the same spot from the same jump throughout the warm up. Reznichenko is popping his 1A
Wait, the Japanese guy actually landed something.
Croatian guy stepping out from the 3a
Yay, REznichenko landed a 2a.

Igor REZNICHENKO POL - Give Me Love (Ed Fecking Sheeran :rolleyes: )
TAHbKA: So, will he miraculously land a 3a? he has one planned, but his warm up was anything but...
4t step out. That's sudden. And right on the music stress, which was lovely.
3a ur 2f and wht not. He opened in mid air. I think he only completed 2 revolutions in the air
`Give a little time to me' seems like a plea to the 3A - give a little time to me in the air and I'll rotate you!
and think it's the last we saw of him...
oh, he is still on the ice? Wow, the programme that lasts forever.

Aussie Willy: Hmmmmm At least the commentator is honest about the performance

Kazuki TOMONO JPN - Zigeunerweisen (Sarasate)
Andrey aka Pushkin: Tomoko is kind of cute but his basics are not Japanese worthy. I mean his coverage is Tuktamyshevaesque. I mean Arthur Dmitriev covers more ice when he stands.

TAHbKA: so, will he fall again in front of us on his 4s?
wow, the amount of Japanese flags! There are ONLY Japanese here or they were ready for Hanuy?
4s the audience orgasms
I wonder whether he is a Tutberidze girl jumping wise- will he be able to land anything once he is 100grm heavier?
I wish the music would stop though, the volume of this annoying violin is aaaaarrrrrrhhhh

Lizziebeth: Tomono is NOT your typical Japanese skater with great basics. But he landed jumps.

Abzal RAKIMGALIEV KAZ - Last Emperor Movie Soundtrack/Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie Soundtrack
Andrey aka Pushkin: Rakimgakiev is 25????? I really question the ecological situation in Almaty.

cocotaffy: Tuning in briefly, I'm thrilled to have randomly end up watching a blown up version of Hugh Hefner. This might end up being the highlight of this competition. Who knows :D

TAHbKA: Rakimgaliev who looks 40 despite being 26
Half an hour entrance into 3A, rotated, landed and kept doing basic steps for the next half an hour
@skatak is having a Lu Chen 95 flashbacks. I beleive him. Am sure Rakimgaliev was 20 back then and watched.
3t step out no combo.
Oh hell, it's not over yet.

Nicholas VRDOLJAK CRO - Black Cat White Cat Movie Soundtrack
TAHbKA: @kosjenka , I shouted before his skate. Realize there will be no reason to shout after :p

Andrey aka Pushkin: This is the Balkan Hava Nagila with a similar level of authencity. Esp. given than this music is Serbian.

TAHbKA: again a dude who landed from the 90s
3a step out
the spins pretty much stopped.
A sudden change of the music for no reason.
his posture is the worst so far of this competition
He is an american right? Does he realize Bregovic is not even a Croat? If am not mistaken he is a Serb, which, I guess, is an insult?
The music goes faster and Vrodljak goes into the dead slow spins

Asli: Does Vrdojlak believe he'll never be sent to the Worlds again? That must be why he's put together all the unrelated pieces of music he wanted to skate to.

Donovan CARRILLO MEX - Capone (Hardiman)
Andrey aka Pushkin: Satoko level jumps, but this Mexican chico has more personality than the entire population of Ukraine (after Aliona left and before Reanichenko did). I like him :)

TAHbKA: He, unlike Ragikmaliev looks 10.
3z3t the audience just fainted
3z rippon
Seems to be dead tired by the 2nd minute and the steps. Perhaps it's a good thing he will not make it to the LP.
Am not sure about the shotting guns in the music, escpecially taking the volume in the arena

Citlali: This is a good program for someone that just woke up :lol: That was fun :cheer:

Andrey aka Pushkin: That's a very strange Escheresque effect on his trousers. I think he should sit with the legs closed :shuffle:
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rfisher: One would think with the amount of competitions Loupolover does a season, there'd be a modicum of improvement. Clearly there is not a correlation between going to every junior and senior event he can get to and skating skills. What will he do now that he's aged out of juniors. :drama:

TAHbKA: Louplover has more sparkles than the whole ladies competition together.
Messing is the only one who actually, skates, dances and dunno, does something that is not a basic steps into a popped jump
After a wrong Javier we get a wrong Stephane.
Messing just splat on his stomach after a jmp. Very Pogo-splat

Domshabfan: Surely someone must have told Fentz that he looks like a hobo with costume and his beard...
Rizzo playing football just like Italian Football team:saint:

Andrey aka Pushkin: Ok , with Loupolover not qualifying, we get Kerry in. I think Pavlov, Walker and Fenz have a good potential to let Yee and Harris in. Messing is Virtanen's long lost twin.

Larry LOUPOLOVER AZE - Earned It (The Weeknd)
Andrey aka Pushkin: Loupolover: not qualifying for free skates since 2013 :respec:

TAHbKA: All this costume was for 50 shades of grey??? I thought it would be at least some prince charming or some shit that requires all those sparkles! Dude, you god the BDSM wrong!
3z3t he got that right
The spin took at least 20 seconds
3f wow
Dear Larry, not LP please
Is he even old enough to watch the movie?
Selezneva near the border. I miss Makarova's programmes.
BTW, Larry, not sure you know but Makarova ended up going to Petrenko and then to Rukavitsin. COnsider..

Moka-Ananas: With a name like that, Loupolover should seriously consider a career in the adult film business.

Paul FENTZ GER - Wonderwall
Andrey aka Pushkin: When Fenz lands stuff he's kind of spectacular. Very fast and powerful. Some pocketography too. Absolutely no TR but who counts.

I miss Lindemann
And the programme we hav seen for the last 5 years...
I miss Lindemann
4t3t was it? erm.. ok
I miss Lindemann
running around the rink. He is quite fast and think so far the tallest guy of the competition
After 3 years of skating this programme Fentz is actually comfortable skating it
I miss Lindemann
spins are really fast, especially after Larry's, that took 3 hours. Ok,m after the position change the spins slow down.
3z turns
no reason for him not to be in the LP. But then no reason to be... Kind of so meh...
I miss Lindemann

Stephane WALKER SUI - Ci Saro
Andrey aka Pushkin:.... And Yee is in.
Can't say I'm sorry. I disapprove of Italian lyrical crap.

Citlali: That last spin :scream:

TAHbKA: yes, that costume shouts `a romantic tenor programme'
3a fall
3z3t when he lands his jumps it looks nice actually
the pose in his spin taking the black trousers and dark shirt and how hing his limbs are - spider.
again, the emptions that don't reach the 2nd row. Very Denis Ten-ish
3 was it a flip? seemed like a loop to me from here. ok
He looks like he is apologizing and not bowing. Dude! It's not your fault we all want to see the other Stephane!

PRlady: This guy needs to go to Matteo's gym. I have more muscles than he does.

Ivan PAVLOV UKR - Mr. and Mrs. Smith Movie Soundtrack
Andrey aka Pushkin: Pavlov does everything like he doesn't give a f*k. Even falls.

TAHbKA: ah, the guy who has like 2 hours of ice once in a while according to Bychenko
3a step out and am not sure why the fall - seemed like he could have landed
3f3t nice and soft
I wish he would lift his eyes from the ice and look dunno... if not up at least straight. It's as if he was afraid of the ice
Does he know what mrs and mr Smith movie is about? He seems to project a bit too much DRAMA for no reason.
The flying part of the sit spin was to the roof. The spin part was less.

Keegan MESSING CAN - Singin in the Rain Movie Soundtrack
Andrey aka Pushkin: Lovely knee work from Messing. But otherwise he's rather:yawn:

TAHbKA: the guy who can glide
His basic steps into the centre had more edges than most of the OES dancers.
He is twice shorter than Fernz and Walker
4t3t easy:)
his edges :swoon:
This guy is a full package the jumps, the spins, the transitions, the gliding - he has it all.
Am not sure it goes through the camera how wonderful he is
am not a big fan of the singing in the rain programmes, but just loved him

Andrey aka Pushkin: A standing ovation from TAHbKA for now apparent reason. I mean so far the standing ovation were for Caro, Aljona and Messing. I think we all see a problem in this picture.

Hanna: Wow, Messing was fabulous :cheer: Amazing basics and glide :kickass: Also flow out of jumps and fast spins!

PRlady: Truly terrific from Keegan. It's not just that he landed the jumps but as @TAHbKA pointed out, his skating skills are lovely. What a late bloomer he's turning out to be!
(I'll bet that score holds up for two more groups.)

1 Q Keegan MESSING CAN 93.00 51.35 41.65 8.29 8.11 8.50 8.29 8.46 0.00#20
2 Q Kazuki TOMONO JPN 82.61 46.07 36.54 7.32 7.11 7.43 7.32 7.36 0.00#12
3 Q Paul FENTZ GER 82.49 45.66 36.83 7.36 7.11 7.50 7.36 7.50 0.00#17
4 Q Romain PONSART FRA 79.55 44.62 34.93 7.11 6.64 7.11 6.96 7.11 0.00#7
5 Q Brendan KERRY AUS 74.99 40.85 34.14 6.96 6.57 6.86 6.89 6.86 0.00#2
6 Q Julian Zhi Jie YEE MAS 72.43 39.39 33.04 6.57 6.39 6.68 6.61 6.79 0.00#9
7 Q Phillip HARRIS GBR 68.59 35.74 32.85 6.50 6.46 6.54 6.64 6.71 0.00#6
8 Slavik HAYRAPETYAN ARM 68.18 37.14 31.04 6.32 6.04 6.18 6.21 6.29 0.00#1
9 Donovan CARRILLO MEX 68.13 35.63 32.50 6.25 6.36 6.64 6.57 6.68 0.00#15
10 Stephane WALKER SUI 65.79 32.33 34.46 6.96 6.68 6.86 6.89 7.07 1.00#18
11 Burak DEMIRBOGA TUR 65.43 36.54 28.89 5.86 5.50 5.82 5.82 5.89 0.00#4
12 Ivan PAVLOV UKR 64.18 34.85 30.33 6.14 5.93 6.04 6.11 6.11 1.00#19
13 Chih-I TSAO TPE 64.0634.03
14 Larry LOUPOLOVER AZE 61.82 32.22 29.60 5.93 5.71 6.00 5.89 6.07 0.00#16
15 Abzal RAKIMGALIEV KAZ 61.19 30.19 31.00 6.18 5.89 6.25 6.25 6.43 0.00#13
16 Jinseo KIM KOR 60.72 30.28 30.44 6.11 5.79 6.04 6.18 6.32 0.00#10
17 Nicholas VRDOLJAK CRO 59.74 31.71 28.03 5.57 5.36 5.64 5.71 5.75 0.00#14
18 Valtter VIRTANEN FIN 55.49 26.32 30.17 6.07 5.89 5.82 6.21 6.18 1.00#8
19 Igor REZNICHENKO POL 51.70 22.88 28.82 5.89 5.57 5.54 5.89 5.93 0.00#11
20 Javier RAYA ESP 50.00 22.64 29.36 5.93 5.71 5.61 6.00 6.11 2.00#3
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TAHbKA: So the most interesing group is on the ice:) Brezina landed a huge 4S. I wonder whether he will land another one in a couple of minutes or we are done. And special thanks for a normal haircut. Majorov keeps crashing on his 4T. A fall on his behind, a pogosplat...

Michal BREZINA CZE - Kodo
misskarne: in black skivvy with white sparkly dragons, white cuffs and white belt, and black pants
4S< fall

TAHbKA: Brezina and his 2011 programme...
4s fall, think underotated
3a nice!
I wonder whether it's the last we see of Brezina. I'll miss him, but am not sure I want to see him falling from that 4s again
Brezina really doesn't want to qualify for the lp...

Andrey aka Pushkin: And that was essentially Brezina's career all in 2:50

Morisi KVITELASHVILI GEO - Feeling Good [M. Buble]
Andrey aka Pushkin: I wonder what Morris feels when he's outjumped by a 13 y.o girl who trains with him. I recon no.Imagine Dragons in the LP?

TAHbKA: Goooo, Moris!
We had the 50 shades of grey, now to Feeling good and we just need a Carmen to have the full FS essential music collection
3A opened mid air and landed on a wrong foot. Am not sure how.
4s fall
Tutberidze and Gleihengauze are nto even pretending to be interested.
spins slow.
I really like his LP. So mirs, do me a favour and qualify. Somehow.
4T fall :(
Damn it, I wanted Kvitelashvili's LP, not Harapetyan's!

misskarne: in grey faux suit jacket with lots of sparkles and black pants
3A<< step out
4S< fall
4T< fall + COMBO
Oops. He won't be Feeling Good.

npavel: I’m sorry for Kvitelashvili, but the face of Eteri ... Priceless
Lizziebeth: Eteri smiled. That's actually kind of scary. Moris, watch your back.

Matteo RIZZO ITA - Torno A Surriento (Il Volvo)
TAHbKA: Am not sure the Italians skater it better (c) @pingu, but they certainly shout it louder
the most busy guy with all the competitions he have done this year.
3A clean, the audience just popped my ear drums
3f saved the audience shouted through the roof
spins, the audience claps as if Lambiel himself landed from the ceiling
3z3t and the audience sends the roof off. The jumps are good despite the stumble speeding up into that.

Alexander MAJOROV SWE - Bang Bang (Avidan)
TAHbKA: Majorov aka the FAT SWEDE (c) Tarasova
and now , ladies and gentlemen, this is what the Israeli music sounds like. Not the crap Bychenko is skating to. Just saying.
4T no idea how, but he landed it!
3a a Zagitova-sque entrance, just that his spiral is very Elena Sokolova-esque
He is doing so many steps and going nowhere. 3f3t clean. It looks as if he was almost improvisng. have he been skating this programme the whole season? I mean the rhythm does not change and it doesn't really matter how many steps he does speeding into the jumps, but still...
He is incredibly slow. Again, lots of moves, just going nowhere, am sure it looks better on the screen than on the rink.

rfisher: Now, that's the way you say Feck You to your federation.

misskarne: in blue mesh tunic with pleather stripe down the side and black pleather pants
Great job!!!!!!!! YAS! What a shame you couldn't do that at the Olympics because your stupid Olympic fed wouldn't let you go!

Nam NGUYEN CAN - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Hanna: Oh it's the version of Over the Rainbow that everyone else hates and I love. :swoon: :lol:
Zemgirl: I'm going to unfriend you now.

TAHbKA: he seems frightened. I mean I would be as well if I were skating to somewhere over the rainbow - a scar song.
4s a nose in the ice take off.
He pretty much forgets about the programme, skating etc and just speed skates into the jump
4t fall
the music version is horrible. Can I have Kiira instead?
3a a bad fall. Again, a take off was almost lying on the ice.

misskarne: in cowled pale blue/grey tunic with sparkles
Oh man I forgot it was this dreadful cover
4T< fall + COMBO
3A< 2ft fall
Oh dear.

Lizziebeth: Oh my. Nam needs to do some major rethinking about his skating - it is a mess.

TAHbKA: @Hanna , I think we need to discuss music. I offer a lunch after the men. You can tell me all about that version that you like. By the end of the lunch you'll join the right side. That is the one of people who hates it.

Andrey aka Pushkin: Nam is in the low 68s now but I think he is going just beat the Mexican chico. Ah no.Carillo is in!
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rfisher: DannyBoy dislocated his shoulder earlier in the week. Again. Once you dislocate it, it's very likely to repeat. The good thing is, it pops back in easier.

Braulio: OMG I didn't watch Donovan Carrillo but I just saw he got the Q!!! He makes history! never before a male mexican skater qualified to the free at his first try as a senior in this CoP era!! So happy!

Daniel SAMOHIN ISR - L'immensita
Skittl1321: These jumps are looking painful. :(

Andrey aka Pushkin: You can tell this program was "choreographed" by Morozov. So, it's 2 falls. But I don't think he will let Nguen in, he should have a couple of points to spare.

rfisher: At least he's learned to fall on his ass and protect his shoulder.

misskarne: in black shirt with mesh sleeves and sparkles, black pants
4T-pitched forward-3T<
4S< fall
3A< fall

Vincent ZHOU USA - Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol)
Andrey aka Pushkin: Zhou is just so :yawn:
But already more tech than Nguen in total.

TAHbKA: 4z and 4f planned. Good luck.
4z3t rippon. WOW!
4f WOW!!!!!!
his spins are terribly slow.
3a lovely
WOW!!! Impressive! Is there a chance a certain Uno/Chen/Jin poduim just became far less certain?

misskarne: in blue-grey faux shirt with fake white shirt insert and sparkles, blue pants

Andrey aka Pushkin: Some world class tes, but his PC's should be in the 6s. Even compared to Samohin he looked weak and unpolished. But nope, quads boost the pcs as we know. He's in the 96s.

misskarne: Those landing replays.
Moka-Ananas: Vincent's quads look UR to me.

Max AARON USA - Les Miserables
PRlady: Max didn't land one of those jumps cleanly. :(

TAHbKA: One day I'll get what is so wonderful about Aaron, but for now he is one of my least favourite skaters ever.
4s hand down
He is back to the romantic or semiromantic crap again. Didn't he have one season of a rock/pop song that actually looked good?
3a with his free leg all over the place, but landed allright
Is it Benoit singing?:)

misskarne: in cream tunic with grey/black smudges and black pants
Please, Max...please...
4S hand down eeeeeeeeeeek
3Lz-3T great!
3A step out dammit!
I cherish every moment he gives me now even with the errors because I never thought I'd see it again after Nationals. And he still has a smile, which is all I want to see. <3

Sylvia: IIRC, Ben Agosto mentioned in the Ice Talk podcast (men's Worlds preview) that Max already had started a job in Arizona before he got the call for Worlds (after Ross declined) so he most likely wasn't training full-time there.

Deniss VASILJEVS LAT - Recondita Armonia (Puccini)
TAHbKA: Vassiljevs
3z3t very careful. He was landing huge ones during the warm up.
3a landed!
3f yes!!!!
half of the rink were staring at Lambiel though:)

misskarne: in black and grey waistcoat over white puffy shirt with jabot and black pants

JasperBoy: That's the Deniss I have been waiting to see. Well done. ETA Slo Mo shows that his jabot needed to be restrained, big time!

PRlady: Deniss has a boybandesque cheering section. :rofl:

Keiji TANAKA JPN - Memories (G. Moore)
TAHbKA: the moment the Japanese fans are trying to overshout Lambiel's fans. A painful experience if you are not deaf
half an hour entrance into 4s
He is a true ASFW in his skating.. boring as hell as well
Am missing Kozuka (I do every time a Japanese skater who is not Kozuka and no Uno are skating)
2a to kill all the Japanese ladies who travelled all the way to see Hanuy
He has less edges than Margaglio. He keeps changing the directions but edges? Nope. Haven't heard.

Lilia A: It was going so well, and then he did a double axel. Whyy??

misskarne: in black v-neck shirt with sparkles, lace shoulder and metallic panel, black pants
Which Tanaka will show up...
2A oops
Mostly-good Tanaka showed up tonight!

Misha GE UZB - Ave Maria
TAHbKA: I thought Ge retired?
Aerobicidal: He's like Cher. Every performance is his final farewell tour date.
rfisher: he's like the permanent going out of business sales regarding his retirement.

Domshabfan: Ge's 3 Axel gets a +goe ?

TAHbKA: Ok, not-yet-retired-Ge
3a saved
3z3t the 3z was so easy I thought ti was a double.
spins clockwise. Not that it helps.
Emotions emotions emotions that look like someone is having a seizure
thank god it's over

Kateri: Misha is really upping his technical difficulty game, but only in terms of facial expressions.

misskarne: Oh, well, I am about to go back to sleep, so this is fortuitous.
in ragged dirty brown tunic with red patches and brown pants
3A hangs on

Braulio: Maybe his 'Im retiting, this is my last competition' is his strategy so judges give him the farewell PCS boost???

JasperBoy: Misha is such an artist. Every movement is perfection. I never thought, when I first saw the young goofball in fake London, that he would evolve into this. Love Misha. Glad he stayed around another year.

Citlali: You get positive GOE! You get positive GOE! Everyone gets positive GOE!!! :rolleyes:
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rfisher: I really, really hope Kolayda has a redemption skate. He's being slaughtered in the Russian media over the Olympics. That would make one doubt oneself.
Lizziebeth: I am glad he is here. I feared that he would be sent to Siberia :(

Moka-Ananas: Oh Kolyada has taken out the quad lutz according to his planned content.
Domshabfan: So has Aliev

Mikhail KOLYADA RUS - Piano Concerto No. 23 (Mozart)/Tango
Andrey aka Pushkin: Kolyada's basics are fabulous. Too bad he doesn't use them. The judges goe like there's no tomorrow :rolleyes: +2-3 for Kolyada's combo. I dare then to name the 6 features there.

TAHbKA: Kolyada
4t3t the 4t was HUGE
3z easy and lovely
3a huge!
The quality of what he does is amazing. Am not sure where I would have him - above or below Messing.

Moka-Ananas: What a macho performance from Kolyada.

Asli: What happened to Kolyada?:eek: Where was this SP all season? He cut his hair, so was it just the weight of his hair pulling him down? :confused:

Braulio: 100.08
45.22 PCS

Hanna: Sitting next to the skater/coach section and I feel like just spying on Eteri instead of watching the skating. :EVILLE:

Alexei BYCHENKO ISR - Hava Nagila
Braulio: The camel position on the combination spin was horrible. And Hava Nagila... well I saw Michael Shmerkin do it better 20 years ago

Andrey aka Pushkin: Bychenko is lvl2 on steps and FL spin and it's going to cost him.

Hanna: Great energy from The Bych. :cheer:

PRlady: Oh, Alexei that was terrific. So what if you can't spin or get high-level steps. The energy and fun you bring to that uber-hokey rendition is one for the ages.

Nathan CHEN USA - Nemesis (Clementine)
personwhoishere: Tight on the jumps for Nathan, but still miles better than either of his Oly shorts. A solid redemption.

Andrey aka Pushkin: Nathan looks fabulous, good speed today. I think it's a good sign. And I love this sp.

TAHbKA: Gooooooo Chen!
I love this programme
Aratunyan looks as if he cared for the first time today
4z3t to start :) Aratunyan is pulling a Morozov:)
4f landed!
3a yes!
Arayunyan is crushing the borders
Am still trying to forget Chen's programmes of Zueva's season. This one is really helping.

meggonzo: I love the angsty leaps in the footwork!

Braulio: Quad toe/3toe not the best landing
Flying spin level 3, slow spins overall
He is not looking confident, tentative to his jumps
Quad Flip slight two footed
3axel survived
Got positive GOE bonus, a few tenths for two jumping passes that clearly did not deserve them

Andrey aka Pushkin: Wow. Nathan is slaughtered in the pcs:eek:

TAHbKA: Hm.. That's a score both Uno and Jin can beat. The competition is going to be interesting:)

Dmitri ALIEV RUS - Masquerade Waltz (Khatchaturian)
Moka-Ananas: Poor Aliev...he was literally SHAKING before starting his SP.

Andrey aka Pushkin: Wow totally didn't expect that! 4z3t
And then a zero for the toeloop. He's Rukavitsin's boy alright.

TAHbKA: He is shaking even before he starts the skate.
I kind of hope it will be Samarin who?
3t. meh...

Lizziebeth: oh no, did Aliev just get no credit for a 3 toe???? repeated jump?

Braulio: That quad lutz is SOOO pre-rotated, shouldn't be called a quad at all
Triple the second attempted quad. 3axel saved the landing
So tired of Masquerade Waltz, but he is ok

Andrey aka Pushkin: Good levels for Aliev, all 4s. It should get him into higher 80ies. Nope, he's going to lose to.Misha f*n Ge.
Ah, Aliev got < for the lutz. I didn't see that.

umronnie: Headcase gonna headcase

PRlady: 11th? Wow, dumpage.

Boyang JIN CHN - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie Soundtrack (Tan Dun)
Andrey aka Pushkin: I nearly don't hate this SP. He is being goed quite generously.

Please don't learn `emotions' from Ge!
4z3t . Hope Uno does not attempt a jmp in that corner - Jin took the icec with him
4t into the border, but I think he landed it (right beneath us, so hard to see)

SmallFairy: That 4t almost into the boards:eek: For once I approved of the skycam.

CassAgain: Skating is so much fun to watch when you don't uber anyone. YOU did awesome, and YOU did awesome, and YOU did awesome! B. Jin has worked really hard on his spin levels and other non-jumping elements. That was really enjoyable.

Braulio: 4lutz/3toe, 4toe very close to the board, 3axel
This will be above Chen, but by how much?

Domshabfan: Holy downgrade for Jin ...
Andrey aka Pushkin: And the score goes down. I think he will be behind Zhou. Maybe behind Messing.

I've gone from being indifferent to Jin to really liking him. I'm worried I'm on the verge of becoming an uber. He clearly has worked very hard on all aspects of his skating and I respect that so much.

my little pony: i was about to be embarrassed at how hard im wuzrobbing Jin from my snow castle, nice to see im not alone

Shoma UNO JPN Four Seasons (Vivaldi)
TAHbKA: the planned 4t 3s3t and 3a. Interesting. And he is injuried

SmallFairy: Oh Shoma! I'm not that nervous now, knowing about the injury, so I guess I'll just relax and enjoy. He didn't get a hair cut for a while, love that.

3s turns 3t oh no...
3a from a spread eagle gorgeous.

Citlali: Shoma that was both :swoon: and :fragile:

Andrey aka Pushkin: Shoma is clearly the best skater in the terms of SS, then it's Kolyada, Messing and Chen. The TES is not amazing, that combo is not a good sign for the free.

Braulio: Shoma
4toe, [3]/3toe but take a turn between, 3axel and judges gave him 2.20 GOE bonus for the element
Stumble before the last spin but did the element ok
and another one bites the dust!! TES 49!!

SmallFairy: Poor guy, he never stumbles like that. Miss a jump, but not tripping over. I need to know more about that injury... and he can't pull out because Japan needs those spots for next year. Sigh. (((Shoma)))

Andrey aka Pushkin: Ah they didn't call 3s-2t correctly... Thus the change of mark.

Braulio: Notable marks for me
US 1-3
Jin & Uno trashed scoring
Kolyada clean SP
Carrillo getting the Q!!!
Seeing Spain at LAST place at worlds like in 12 years
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1 Q Nathan CHEN USA 101.94 57.51 44.43 8.82 8.75 8.93 8.89 9.04 0.00#34
2 Q Mikhail KOLYADA RUS 100.08 54.86 45.22 9.07 8.86 9.07 9.11 9.11 0.00#32
3 Q Vincent ZHOU USA 96.78 57.78 39.00 7.82 7.61 7.89 7.86 7.82 0.00#27
4 Q Boyang JIN CHN 95.85 53.03 42.82 8.57 8.39 8.57 8.61 8.68 0.00#36
5 Q Shoma UNO JPN 94.26 47.90 46.36 9.29 9.14 9.18 9.39 9.36 0.00#37
6 Q Keegan MESSING CAN 93.00 51.35 41.65 8.29 8.11 8.50 8.29 8.46 0.00#20
7 Q Alexei BYCHENKO ISR 90.99 48.39 42.60 8.46 8.32 8.64 8.50 8.68 0.00#33
8 Q Misha GE UZB 86.01 43.51 42.50 8.25 8.32 8.61 8.61 8.71 0.00#31
9 Q Deniss VASILJEVS LAT 84.25 43.10 41.15 8.18 8.07 8.29 8.25 8.36 0.00#29
10 Q Alexander MAJOROV SWE 82.71 46.07 36.64 7.39 7.11 7.36 7.32 7.46 0.00#24
11 Q Kazuki TOMONO JPN 82.61 46.07 36.54 7.32 7.11 7.43 7.32 7.36 0.00#12
12 Q Paul FENTZ GER 82.49 45.66 36.83 7.36 7.11 7.50 7.36 7.50 0.00#17
13 Q Dmitri ALIEV RUS 82.15 39.61 42.54 8.57 8.32 8.50 8.54 8.61 0.00#35
14 Q Keiji TANAKA JPN 80.17 40.16 40.01 8.04 7.79 8.07 8.07 8.04 0.00#30
15 Q Max AARON USA 79.78 40.99 38.79 7.86 7.50 7.79 7.75 7.89 0.00#28
16 Q Romain PONSART FRA 79.55 44.62 34.93 7.11 6.64 7.11 6.96 7.11 0.00#7
17 Q Michal BREZINA CZE 78.01 39.23 39.78 8.07 7.71 7.89 8.04 8.07 1.00#21
18 Q Matteo RIZZO ITA 77.43 40.47 36.96 7.36 7.21 7.43 7.46 7.5 00.00#23
19 Q Brendan KERRY AUS 74.99 40.85 34.14 6.96 6.57 6.86 6.89 6.86 0.00#2
20 Q Daniel SAMOHIN ISR 72.78 39.45 36.33 7.43 7.04 7.11 7.36 7.39 3.00#26
21 Q Julian Zhi Jie YEE MAS 72.43 39.39 33.04 6.57 6.39 6.68 6.61 6.79 0.00#9
22 Q Phillip HARRIS GBR 68.59 35.74 32.85 6.50 6.46 6.54 6.64 6.71 0.00#6
23 Q Slavik HAYRAPETYAN ARM 68.18 37.14 31.04 6.32 6.04 6.18 6.21 6.29 0.00#1
24 Q Donovan CARRILLO MEX 68.13 35.63 32.50 6.25 6.36 6.64 6.57 6.68 0.00#15

25 Nam NGUYEN CAN 67.79 34.15 35.647.256.897.
26 Morisi KVITELASHVILI GEO 67.01 34.54 34.476.896.796.717.047.042.00#22
27 Stephane WALKER SUI 65.79 32.33 34.466.966.686.866.897.071.00#18
28 Burak DEMIRBOGA TUR 65.43 36.54 28.895.865.505.825.825.890.00#4
29 Ivan PAVLOV UKR 64.18 34.85 30.336.145.936.
30 Chih-I TSAO TPE 64.06 34.03
31 Larry LOUPOLOVER AZE 61.82 32.22 29.605.935.716.005.896.070.00#16
32 Abzal RAKIMGALIEV KAZ 61.19 30.19
33 Jinseo KIM KOR 60.72 30.28 30.44 6.115.796.046.186.320.00#10
34 Nicholas VRDOLJAK CRO 59.74 31.71 28.035.575.365.645.715.750.00#14
35 Valtter VIRTANEN FIN 55.49 26.32
36 Igor REZNICHENKO POL 51.70 22.88 28.825.895.575.545.895.930.00#11
37 Javier RAYA ESP 50.00 22.64 29.365.935.715.616.006.112.00#3
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