British MP David Amess Murdered during a Constituency Meeting.


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U.K. lawmaker dies after stabbing during constituency meeting​

David Amess, 69, was attacked around midday at a Methodist church in the town of Leigh-on-Sea, about 62 kilometres east of London. Paramedics tried without success to save him.

Police said that counterterrorism officers were leading the investigation into the slaying of the Conservative lawmaker but that they had not yet determined whether it was a terrorist attack.

They did not identify the suspect, who was held on suspicion of murder. A knife was recovered at the scene, they said.
Amess had been a member of Parliament for Southend West, which includes Leigh-on-Sea, since 1997, and had been a lawmaker since 1983, making him one of the longest-serving politicians in the House of Commons.

A social conservative on the right of his party, he was a well-liked figure with a reputation for working hard for his constituents and campaigning ceaselessly to have Southend declared a city.

Amess, who leaves a wife and five children, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2015 for his service.


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He is the second MP to be murdered, apparently for political reasons, in a little over five years. The first was Jo Cox. :(

:( :(

We need to get much better about security for our MPs. Yes, I agree with Priti Patel that we can't or shouldn't stop contact between MPs and the public, but two deaths in five years is too much. Something needs to be done.

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