Best Cowboy Western Programs


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Absolutely without a doubt, Yulia Vorobieva’s 1996 Country Western LP:

I love this program so much, even if Chris Howrath thought it deserved a 3.6 for presentation. :lol:
Wow the "hair" and make up are wonderful. I would be one happy man if my wife greeted me after I've been at work for a hole day with that getup!

Do you also love Kavaliova/Bieliaiev's rendition? 2:50 to 3:00 may be one of my favorite moments in figure skating ever.
Heavenly and I's first wedding dance was a ho down and we used a different version of that same song "Riding Alone." Her brother said it was ironical but I'm not sure, I have done lot's of riding alone before and after getting marred to her.

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