Best costumes this season: pairs

Orm Irian

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That's an amazing, encyclopaedic post! Thanks for the trip down costume memory lane. :)

My favorites were Moore-Towers/Marinaro, Yan/Zhang, James/Cipres (yes, even with the odd little blue strip, I have a weird affection for Morgan's extensive collection of tunics), Sui/Han and the final versions of the SP and FS for Savchenko/Massot.


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I must agree about James/Cipres. They always have good costumes and they are so good looking themselves that they could wear anything.
I have an issue with Morgan's SP costume this season, mostly because of the blue strip. UNNECESSARY! EDIT IT! Whereas the simple "Sound of Silence" costumes are just perfect for them.

My fave dress this season is probably Ksenia's red Carmen dress. That's how you use illusion mesh! I didn't like the black lacy thing she wore over it later on in the season, however. Why would you want to cover up the perfection that is Ksenia's (almost) bare shoulders?!?
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I have an issue with Morgan's SP costume this season, mostly because of the blue strip. UNNECESSARY! EDIT IT! Whereas the simple "Sound of Silence" costumes are just perfect for them.

LOL. I agree with the blue strip complaint, because it was literally the only blue thing on Morgan's costume. If you want to tie his costume in with hers, good, but please put a little more effort into it than that. :lol:


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Great pics. I'm surprised that I have a different perspective looking at the closeups in a photo vs watching on TV in terms of my favorites.

The woman's pic that caught my eye was Vanessa in the air in the lasso. That costume is stunning up close, especially.

As for men, it's tough to make them stand out. You also want to keep them understated to draw your eye to the woman. Fedor in the death spiral is a good color and detail although we don't see the front.

As a couple together I did like the Knierms with him in purple...and I think more of us would have loved the two-tone blue costumes of DM/G if the program and music weren't so forgettable.

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Thank you all for your thoughts!

@Weve3 You're my kind of person :D

@whiteskates Agree! Usually Ksenia is one of my fashion faves (and favorite skater as well!)

@briancoogaert I do really hope Tarasova/Morozov get SOMETHING beautiful to wear someday...eventually Cinderella must shed her rags and find her ball gown. She had a very pretty black dress in the gala at Worlds; I take this as hope. Maybe her training mate Ksenia can give her some tips!

@Orm Irian "Encyclopedic"? I'll take that as a huge compliment!
I'm so happy Sui/Han are getting some love! With Aliona and Bruno bringing the house down in their costumes, it's easy to forget Sui/Han's costumes were simply divine too!

@nimi I have my share of protests about the blue strip myself...Morgan is usually one of the better-dressed pair guys, so I was sorely disappointed.
Whoever did the illusion mesh on Ksenia's dress needs to become President of the Illusion Mesh Society. It matched perfectly! I didn't mind the idea of adding more lace, but it didn't quite look right, and it made the dress a little too conservative for a Carmen program.

@clairecloutier I'm with you. #AntiBlueStripSisterhood

@Rock2 I noticed that too! Costumes look different when they're moving through the air versus a still photo. Vanessa's costumes were #goals this year. I was a big fan of Della Monica/Guarise's - they were unique, they were sparkly, and if you've got the bod for it, then why hesitate? And I am very partial to Fedor's lace strip :D

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