Benoit Richaud: A Choreographer's Mind (MK Blades Documentary)


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Premiered Aug 23, 2019 [25 mins.]
A former World Junior competitor, Benoit Richaud has quickly ascended to the upper echelon of figure skating through his choreography and artistic vision. He brings a modern perspective to the sport as he continues to navigate through skating and life. This documentary was produced by MK Blades and Sven Vee. We set out to show who Benoit is as a person; what makes him tick and what drives him forward. Hopefully this documentary will allow you a greater insight into "A Choreographer's Mind."


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I was particularly struck by Richaud's description of the city where he comes from (Avignon), and about his joy and wonder in being a father. In addition, his sense of freedom in being a choreographer, and how he describes a clean sheet of ice as being like a piece of paper that he writes on, discards or saves, and then he moves on to a new, clean sheet of ice to begin again. It's interesting how Richaud discusses improvising and needing to feel something in particular skaters, which is the only way he can work, and so he doesn't work with anyone he doesn't have any feeling for. Is it all muscle memory then? How can Richaud even remember exact details and gestures for every skater's program without some kind of documentation?

It was revealing to hear Richaud's description of seeing his choreography for skaters becoming shells of what he had originally created, which prompted him to work with the skaters he choreographs for throughout the season. I didn't know the details of how Richaud first became involved in choreographing after seeing Deniss Vasiljevs and asking to choreograph for him. The description of how tough figure skating is for these young athletes also resonates very deeply, because I've often thought the same way about the difficulties skaters face in trying to carve out a career in this impossible sport.

The shots of Richaud working with Daniel Grassl and with Bradie Tennell are quite beautiful and evocative.


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Thanks @Sylvia for the link to this profile. Richaud is definitely on another plane but I could readily relate to his comments ice being a source of complete freedom.

It was interesting to hear his comments about his creative process, his need to follow his instinct rather than analyze, and his need to establish a connection with a skater in order to be able to create for them. That makes his pairing with Bradie Tennell seem even more unlikely because she seems like more of an analytical person, yet their partnership has clearly been fruitful.


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I have no idea how this guy does, he seems to work 24/7. And when he isn't on the ice, he's flying somewhere to the other side of the globe. He must not need much sleep ! At some of his camps this summer he was on the ice at 5.00 a.m., then out biking or swimming then back on ice until late night. Kudos for the frantic schedule. And he is always so calm and nice to everyone. He really is a great guy.

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